On the seventh day of the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, black technology has been competing to take the lead in the world, and South Korean netizens have reacted brightly

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Seven days have passed since the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games began, and the competitions are still in full force, science and Technology Daily reported. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4 has attracted a lot of attention from both Chinese and foreign media.Ren Ziwei of China won the gold medal in men’s 1000m group A short-track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 7.At the scene of the competition, the fierce competition of transcendence, counter-transcendence and line sprint was staged one after another, attracting the collective cheers of the audience, while at the same time, there were also many audiences in praise of Ren Ziwei’s “invincible suit”.It is understood that, given the fast-changing conditions of short track speed skating, the clothing used by high-level athletes in the competition must have the function of cutting resistance. In simple terms, the clothing must be able to do not break the ice knife.And the Chinese short track speed skating team at this Year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, “battle suit”, is beyond the standard to complete this requirement.Responsible for the design research and development of Chinese short track speed skating team “battle” is liuli professor team, Beijing institute of clothing liuli, said the team in the “fast, warm, beautiful,” the concept of research and development, with material “black” of science and technology to create the perfect games “armor”, one-way cutting upgraded to a two-way, both to keep the clothes of elasticity, and its cutting performance increased by 20% to 30%,Thus providing all-round protection for athletes.In addition to the uniforms, some netizens have also noticed that the venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics also contains a lot of “black technology”.The first is the National Speed Skating Hall “ice Ribbon”, the surface of nearly 12,000 square meters, as smooth as a mirror.”It’s a beautiful rink, probably the most beautiful in the world,” Canadian speed skating coach Jelonek said.It’s a big rink, but it’s warm inside.”It is understood that the “Ice Ribbon” ice surface is the world’s largest ice speed skating venue that uses carbon dioxide to make ice. The carbon emission of ice making process is close to zero, and the temperature difference of the ice surface can be controlled within 0.5℃, with improved efficiency and more uniform refrigeration.Erenie Schoten of the Netherlands won the first gold medal in the women’s 3,000-meter race with a time of 3:56.93, breaking a 20-year-old Winter Olympics record.It is worth noting that South Korea’s Olympic champion Choi Min-jeong crashed out of the women’s 500m quarter-final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Shocked, South Korean netizens began to blame China’s ice surface, with pictures claiming that they would go to Beijing to help polish the ice surface. In response, many netizens said: “The same ice surface, The Dutch player Irene Schoten can break the world record, the South Korean player fell down to blame the ice surface.”