Pantone has released its top 10 colors for FALL/Winter 2020/23 New York Fashion Week

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PANTONE has released its Fall/Winter 2020/2023 New York Fashion Week Trends Report.This season’s report includes the top 10 colors and five of the season’s core classics, which are expected to be seen in the new fall/winter collections of New York designers.This year’s palette reflects the blended lifestyle we’ve been leading since the onset of the megalomania, highlighting the need for nurturing and tactile, calm and restorative Spaces, and the desire for comfort.Certain bright hues also illustrate how we plan to embrace joy in difficult situations, enhancing life’s vitality and celebration.Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the PANTONE Color Institute, said: “The fall/winter 2020/2023 colors contrast our competitive desire for calm and comfort, enhanced by a range of serene and restorative colors and vibrant hues.””As we enter a ambivalent environment, the 2020/2023 autumn/winter palette allows consumers to move smoothly between a series of contrasting hues, allowing them to spontaneously express their identity and feelings on any given day.”Today, Newton International joins you to take a look at some of the popular colors that are making waves at fall/winter New York Fashion Week.Red: A passionate orange-red color, mesmerizing.02Samoan Sun Yellow PANTone14-0851Samoan Sun Yellow: The cheerful Samoan Sun inspires and illuminates.Tiger Orange: The gregarious Tiger orange, a whimsical high visibility orange.Rose Violet: Vibrant rose Violet is vibrant.Amazon green: Amazon green is lush, rich, leafy green land.Nosegay Fragrant Pollen: Fragrant pollen is a fragrant flower pink that envelops the senses.Pantone14-4618 Waterspout Blue: The cleanser’s waterspout blue is cool and refreshing.Caramel Cafe Brown: Caramel Cafe brown is a delicious and seductive shade of brown.Midnight blue: Midnight blue is a hypnotic deep blue color, reminiscent of the evening sky.Olive green: This is a fruit-inspired shade of green with a hint of salt water.Arctic Wolf white: Arctic Wolf white is a soft shadow touch white.Autumn Blonde brown: A creamy autumn Blonde is mild and nourishing.Polar Night Blue: Polar Night Blue is a cosmic inspired shade of blue that explores the mysteries of new horizons.Loden Green: Loden Green is a green hue that infuses the earth to calm and restore.Non presumptive chiseled Stone shows a silent power.About 20204/2023 Autumn/Winter Core classic color: Classic, non-seasonal color versatile nature conveys the feeling of enduring freshness.Color, not only suitable for fashion hipsters to wear, but also suitable for home and graphic design collocation reference, combined with colorful popular colors, and seasonal core colors, can lead designers to lead the new trend of the industry.