Adapt to the new situation, new requirements, new changes, serious study, contribute to the country

2022-07-30 0 By

Our country is now in the economic construction and development of the reform and innovation period, every one of us should seriously study, social science, natural science, the whole society should form a strong learning atmosphere, form a mutual care, mutual love, mutual help, friendly and harmonious life atmosphere.At present, China lags behind western capitalist countries in basic scientific fields, such as chip technology, aerospace engines, digital machine tools and so on.Our young people, our university students, our master’s and doctor’s degree students should keep up with the science and technology of the developed western capitalist countries in ten or twenty years.In the past few years, we have been paying more attention to importing advanced science and technology from capitalist countries and introducing innovation to develop science and technology from western powers.From the perspective of the changes in the current international situation, western capitalism is different from our social system, and there are serious structural differences in outlook on life, values and world outlook, even contradictions in social development.Such social differences and contradictions are irreconcilable and hostile.Therefore, we must discard illusions, get rid of paralyzing thoughts, take the road of self-reliance, take the road of working hard to become stronger, and make our socialist scientific and technological force with Chinese characteristics even stronger.It is the Chinese people who live in happiness, freedom, harmony and prosperity forever.