Are celebrities cheap?Zhang Jie, Xie Na for the province intermediary fee “jump sheet” to buy a mansion was prosecuted

2022-07-30 0 By

Early last year, an Internet celebrity named Xiao Xiao Sha posted an article titled “What is the Experience of Spending 15 million Yuan at one time?Accused by Lianjia of “jumping purchase”, shenzhen Real Estate Association issued a statement saying that it has zero tolerance for “jumping purchase” behavior.Now another celebrity couple is being sued for buying a luxury house. Did you know that?Net spread a pseudonym H agent said that in June 2019, twice led Zhang Jie and Xie Na to see the Shanghai Sinan Mansion of more than 300 square meters of more than 60 million yuan, and then, Zhang Jie Xie Na said she did not like not to buy, then they bypassing the intermediary, privately and the landlord signed a contract, and then the lawyer threatened him not to expose this matter.Originally this intermediary plan to go abroad to study, but now do not want to leave with a secret, finally choose to expose this matter out, then “star” “luxury” “jump single” these keywords, together with Xie Na Zhang Jie and other words instantly attracted the attention of countless netizens.As we all know, actors, stars, entertainers, Internet celebrities and other high income is an open secret, ten million mansion luxury car is completely easy to buy;Unexpectedly, Zhang Jie, Xie Na rich to buy more than 60 million mansion is not willing to give hundreds of thousands of agency fees, now things continue to ferment, so far, Zhang Jie Xie Na party are any response to this matter.