Asia Dragon high quality durable reliability industry story exists

2022-07-30 0 By

Toyota’s high quality, durability and reliability have always been a story in the industry. As a new flagship model of FAW Toyota, it can match its dynamic response speed, fuel consumption, appearance and interior decoration.The independent suspension and low center of gravity design of the body not only have good stability, but also high handling and comfort. On the whole, as a B+ model, it has strong advantages and is worth choosing.Vehicle design atmosphere grade, luxury sense is still very strong!Aggressive front face, delicate rear, body side shape visual impact is great, the overall proportion is harmonious, in general, as the new flagship of Toyota is very commendable.Asia Dragon is the first Toyota joint venture car only enjoy four years of 100,000km free maintenance model, basically within four years of the maintenance cost is reduced, at least to reduce tens of thousands of costs, for the brand, it is beyond doubt, second-hand car warranty rate is also very high.When I was buying a car, I also compared cars of the same level, and it also has perfect safety configuration, especially the TSS safety Smart system that Is now the standard of Toyota, which greatly improves the safety and convenience of the car and reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents.The Asian Dragon is worth owning as a new flagship.This fuel consumption really want to praise Toyota this real power party.Daily car comprehensive fuel consumption of 5.2L this is the situation I drove in the city, if run the high speed is also reached more than 4L, tank oil basically run 850+ km, easy to control.Summer will increase fuel consumption, there is no way to compare the impact of air conditioning, but it is also a very good fuel consumption model body independent suspension and low center of gravity design make the overall vehicle stability is good, more attention to the control, there is close to 50:50 front and rear weight ratio, the body weight is more balanced to make the operation more flexible.Steering stability in the lane cornering has a sense of where to hit.There is also a lane-departure system, where the steering wheel automatically corrects you if there is no turn signal when you get stuck on the highway, which is quite safe.As a Ward top ten engine, the 40% thermal efficiency is not deserved, throttle transmission response speed this has no setbacks.The steering wheel is light and the suspension support is ample for going too fast.Toyota is also a big brother in hybrid power system, with world-leading technology and reliable quality. When combined with 2.5 engine, the power is perfectly combined, and the acceleration effect is very obvious when stepping on the accelerator at high speed. I still admire Toyota for this adjustment.