Automobile complaint list in January: half of the total sales disputes are owned by joint ventures

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Looking at the top 10 complaint list in January 2022, it can be found that the number of complaint models of joint venture brands and independent brands is the same, with 5 cars in the list.Unlike previous lists, complaints focusing on product quality were overtaken by sales disputes.Sales disputes mainly involve actual vehicle configuration inconsistent with the publicity, difficulty in picking up vehicles, and system upgrade problems, covering both joint venture models such as SAIC-VOLKSWAGEN Lavida and Volvo XC60, as well as self-owned brand models such as Eulerophile and KKR 001.In the joint venture car “nail household” and “new face” joint venture brand, SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan L, Dongfeng Nissan Xuan Yi, GaC Toyota Leiling has been in the forefront of the “nail household” for many months.Among them, Tiguan L is still a platitude of “particle catcher blockage” problem, although the official later provided a variety of solutions, but the effect is not obvious, faW-Volkswagen mountain exploration last year at the same time is the same problem, the owners are still waiting for the arrival of substantive solutions.Although Dongfeng Nissan Xuan Yi has always been the sales myth of the car segment market, but accompanied by its complaints are always high, the main problems are reflected in the transmission can not accelerate, video and audio system failure, battery failure, engine oil leakage.Among them, many problems have been common for many years.As for GAC Toyota Leiling, compared with the surge of complaints last month, the number of complaints of this car in January has a significant decline, gearbox sound and engine oil increase is still its two main problems.It is worth mentioning that the leiling gearbox with frequent setbacks has become the most problematic model of GaC Toyota.In addition to product quality problems, GAC Toyota Rayling was also complained by car owners about the confusion of hybrid logic after the brake system upgrade.The reason why the “new face” OF SAIC Volkswagen Lavida ranked first in The number of complaints in January is mainly because the screen of the 2021 Lavida Central control is inconsistent with the manufacturer’s publicity.According to the owners, the center control screen of the cars in the exhibition hall is the original MOS center control screen, but they did not inform the owners in advance that the center control screen of the cars sold to the owners did not conform to the advertisement.Due to the real vehicle control panel do not tally with the original propaganda, so you can’t support wireless carplay function of propaganda, unable to enjoy the voice of the original MOS control panel is focused on the function, can’t be headlamps lighting distance adjustment, and the control panel also cannot be associated with the vehicle’s data, unable to enjoy the other function of original system is escalating.Although the problems of LAVida have been reported by many media, SAIC Volkswagen still hasn’t responded to the reduction event of the 2021 Lavida, which reminds us of tikan L, also a product of SAIC Volkswagen, which has also been complained by a large number of consumers, but still hasn’t been solved after a year.Another “new face” in the joint venture brand — Volvo XC60 has been the subject of a large number of complaints, also due to the reduction of the issue, according to consumers, the 2022 XC60 Zhi Yuan luxury edition in June, July, August and September 2021 cars have the trunk sensor function, but in October and November, secretly reduced the allocation of cars produced after December,The function is restored.The manufacturer did not make an announcement in advance, nor did it provide corresponding preferential policies for the “reduced” vehicles, which led to a large number of car owners to complain.It’s hard to see Volvo cars on the list of car complaints. After all, the brand is known for its stability and safety, and there seems to be nothing to joke about except the odd ratio.But more recently, the Volvo XC60 suddenly made it to number four on January’s complaint list.Self-brand sales disputes in January list of self-brand car mostly for sales and service problems, Eulaolao cat “core change” storm after many months of fermentation finally in January to the owners of a more satisfactory solution, that is, 10,000 yuan in cash and a variety of rights and interests of compensation policy, but this needs to withdraw the lawsuit to receive.From the feedback of complaints, compared with the previous large area of complaints, the number of complaints in January was only 68 cases, the concentration of complaints decreased significantly.Lynk 01 received a large number of complaints because the steel strength of the body of 2021 LYNk 01 is inconsistent with the publicity. Besides the steel strength of the body, some car owners pointed out that lynk claimed that the central air bag and other configurations are required because of foreign regulations, but the domestic car can not have them because there are no regulations.This is obviously different from the manufacturer’s propaganda of “covering the global market with the same body structure”.The storm continues to pole Krypton 001 this new account for false publicity preferential policies, induce consumers to place an order early, this thought early buy early enjoy, who knows is actually early buy early lose?It is worth mentioning that Geely’s geometry EX3 Kung Fu ox also fell into the whirlpool of consumer disputes, and it is difficult to pick up the car, and is determined by the owners reflect “illegal fundraising”, and the propaganda motor is inconsistent with the actual vehicle motor.All in all, this car, which has been on the market for less than three months, is barely alive.In addition, Geely’s Star Rui has also received a large number of complaints, mainly due to vehicle problems, which are also geely star Rui’s old problems.In addition, the car and machine stuck, Star Yue, Jiaji and other Geely star models also feel the same way, it seems that the car and machine difficult to use is geely can not turn over the past record.Although no one is perfect, the car is not over the car, but the problem of sales dispute complaint really should not ah!