Can those who suffer from mammary gland nodule eat pepper?

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Mammary gland nodule is a kind of mammary gland disease that the lady is common, likewise, incidence rate occupies the first place in mammary gland disease, it is a kind of benign disease that happens on mammary gland, often can accompany painful feeling.Once found abnormal chest, should be the first time to the hospital for examination, early detection and early treatment.Can mammary gland nodule eat prickly ash?Pepper is a common seasoning, many women in cooking in order to highlight the taste, will put some pepper flavor.But for women suffering from breast disease, it is not recommended to eat Chinese prickly ash, because Chinese prickly ash is irritating food, eating too much will lead to liver patency, thereby affecting endocrine, aggravating the symptoms of nodules, so it is necessary to avoid eating too much Chinese prickly ash.Want to make mammary gland hormone more stable, these two kinds of food to eat less 1, high sodium food is common with high salt food pickles, salted fish, preserved meat, canned meat and so on, high salt food intake will lead to high blood pressure rise, will also make the human body has more body fluids, easy to cause breast swelling, increase breast discomfort.2, food high in oil and sugar high in oil and sugar fat content and sugar content, will cause the human body to absorb too much heat, resulting in the intake of cholesterol content.Excessive cholesterol is to accelerate the generation of estrogen in the body, easy to affect the stability of endocrine, will aggravate the serious breast nodules, and even have the risk of cancer.These can cause breast nodules. How many do you know?1, living and rest disorder, often stay up late, smoking and drinking, etc.;2, hormone level disorder, estrogen and progesterone secretion is too high, androgen secretion is too little;3, the diet is not standardized, long-term intake of high fat, stimulating food;4, family genetic factors, their own breast diseases;Breast nodules have these characteristics, usually do not neglect the health of the mammary gland 1, overflow, brown or yellow liquid color;2, there are lumps in the breast, and often have pain or tingling sensation;3, menstrual disorders, at the same time less or lighter color, but also accompanied by dysmenorrhea;Caress breasts mistake, don’t be silly doing 1, unreasonable wear underwear breast is the symbol of a woman, a woman in order to make them look more full, can choose the underwear of a smaller size, but this approach can prevent breast tissue lymphatic blood backflow, time for a long time can cause a series of mammary gland diseases such as hyperplasia of mammary glands and mastitis.In addition, wear underwear to sleep at night also can oppress mammary gland, so want to give the breast appropriately “loose tie”.2, squeeze the breast if the breast is squeezed from the outside, it will hurt the soft tissue inside the breast, causing internal proliferation, and easy to change the shape of the outside of the breast.3. It is very important to clean the breast parts thoroughly. If you do not clean them for a long time, inflammation or skin diseases will easily occur.The method that caress mammary gland correctly, aid you a helping hand 1, compensatory nutrition element wants to prevent breast cancer, and a lot of ladies of all sorts of breast cancer, do not know actually, although the composition of the breast is adipose more, but mammary gland is OK nourishing, also be to need nourishing, the nutrition that needs is varied also.Can regulate the reference in the compendium of materia medica ingredients, has positive significance to the breast ingredient: such as dandelion can diminish inflammation with detoxification, rose to regulate qi and blood, to deal with menstrual cramps, the effect of honeysuckle help breast fights, liquorice and angelica dahurica can achieve acetanilide detumescence, aloe can largely improve our immunity, resist the invasion of the disease.But supplements alone often have little effect. To better embrace breast health, try taking some specific nutrients to help with swelling and discomfort, and take responsibility for yourself.2, the posture should be correct in daily work and life, whether sitting or standing, the posture must be correct, do not have a hunchback, to raise the chest, promote the circulation of blood inside the breast.# daily Health tips ## Healthy big Year # pay attention to @tomato health  keep you healthy every day