Information | open to booking on March 18, the Beijing auto show listed!The latest on the all-new Ford Mondeo

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Recently, we learned from relevant channels that the all-new Ford Mondeo will be available for pre-sale on March 18th, and the official launch date is set for the 2022 Beijing Auto Show.As a reference, the official guide price for cash in the sale of Ford Mondeo is 192,800 to 213,800 yuan.How do you think the price of the new upgraded Mondeo will be adjusted?The latest mondeo sorted by family lineage is the fifth generation of new car features adopted the ford family is the most modern design language of appearance design, a whole new generation ford mondeo application aesthetics of “potential energy” new family design idea, equipped with hexagonal grid, “scales” adornment grille, closed at the same time, new grille has active function.The new Mondeo is no exception. The new headlights will feature LED lights, automatic headlights and adaptive near-far lighting.The side lines of the new car are straight and slim, which makes it sporty. When it comes to the side, the side lines of the new Mondeo are straight and stretch, the vehicle’s visual center of gravity is back, and the position of the entire cockpit is slightly behind. Such structural layout not only highlights the sporty feeling to a certain extent, but also pays tribute to the classic Ford family sports car.The new car also has hidden door handles, another popular design element.At the same time, the model is also equipped with a segmented panoramic sunroof.In terms of body size, the new Mondeo is 4935/1875/1500mm in length, 2945mm in wheelbase and 0.597 in length ratio.The new car is equipped with segmentalized panoramic sunroof as a reference, and the 2020 Mondeo currently on sale is 4873/1852/1470mm long, wide and high, with a wheelbase of 2850mm.By contrast, the new Mondeo’s dimensions have been expanded across the board, especially the wheelbase, which has been significantly lengthened.As a result, the new car is expected to become more spacious and more comfortable.The rear shape has a rich sense of layers of appearance, the last part to see the rear, the new Mondeo rear shape style is square, rich layers, strong sense of sport, the overall visual experience can not help but make people think of the ford Pony Car in the 1980s and 1990s.In detail, the new car is equipped with a family style vertical three-channel taillights, with LED strips connecting the two sides.The exhaust adopts a two-sided layout, and the exhaust tail pipe is decorated with square chrome plating, which gives a delicate visual effect without losing a sense of strength.The EcoBoost 245 represents a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.The interior design of the new Mondeo keeps a high degree of consistency with ford Light Chaser, and the overall design technique is simple. The combination of 12.3-inch LCD instrument and 27-inch Dalian screen is very attractive. The two screens form a 1.1-meter-long giant screen, which has a strong sense of technology.At the same time, there are almost no knobs and buttons.The size of the full LCD instrument is 12.3 inches, which belongs to the mainstream level of models of the same level. The separation rate can reach about 2K, which looks quite quality.In addition to displaying daily vehicle information, it also supports map mapping and AR real-life navigation.The 27-inch screen has a high resolution of 4K. It is equipped with Ford’s new generation SYNC+2.0 Chi-Hang Interconnection system, and is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820A car-level processor. It supports full-screen display of maps.Powertrain Information Powertrain, the current Ford Mondeo offers two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, 1.5 liter and 2.0 liter.According to the latest filing information, the new generation mondeo will be equipped with the same 2.0-liter turbocharged engine (CAF488WQC) of Ford EVOS, with a maximum power of 175kW and peak torque of 376 N · m. The transmission system is matched with an eight-gear automatic transmission.Of course, in the big wave of electrification, the introduction of 1.5T engine + electric motor plug-in hybrid system also seems to be a suitable choice.However, there is no clear news that Changan Ford has this plan.Ford Mondeo has undergone the evolution of four generations of models. The first generation model (MK1) was born in 1992, and the available models in China are the fourth generation model based on Ford CD4 platform, which was launched in China by Changan Ford in 2013.In recent years, the domestic B-class car market has completed a round of product iteration, the 10th generation Honda Accord, the 9th generation Toyota Camry, the 7th generation Nissan Teana and other products have all been launched. This time, Ford Mondeo is expected to gain more market initiative, and will also inject new vitality into the calm B-class car market.Competition, the camry, accord, the music and passat and magotan would become mondeo direct competitors, although mondeo subsoil in the Chinese market for many years, but not for a long time, its market competitiveness and is significantly less than the level head models, this time the arrival of the fifth generation mondeo to a certain extent, can save some market downturn,However, in order to regain its former glory, comprehensive product strength and sincere price are both necessary.