Isn’t cheating on a date the same as cheating on a date? That’s what you would do

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Today, my cousin called me and asked me to find a partner for her daughter from our side. The child is 32 years old and not married yet.When I was a child I often play with her, is a clever girl, learning is also quite good, but don’t know since when, when I grew up suddenly changed character, graduated from junior high school to go out to play for two years, then go home not to go out anymore, I cousin I do clothing business, at the start of the is to go with her, but later also don’t work,Sometimes angry to throw the clothes on the ground, to cousin gas enough, then not with her, sometimes she ran to the train side sitting, was found to call her cousin to pick her up, to take a long time to persuade back, cousin is not worried.Cousin home built a new house, the somebody else say what all not to live, her cousin and two sons, only family moved into a new house, the girl has a person to stay in the old house, every day to go to dinner, we two is not far from the, often can hear her cousin to shout and scream, is that kind of hysterical Shouting, the villagers said that she could with what don’t clean.Also find big fairy to see, also have no what effect.The villagers all know who this trouble, she also dare not to introduce object, would then have been delayed, I marry cousin mean far, I’m from here to find her, no one know the wrong with her, when she was not sick like a normal person, I’m puzzled, I don’t know should to find, so I did introduce to others as before, but the child,I was afraid she had fooled someone. I just said look around, and I was in a bit of a pickle.