Kurozawa Ryohei with what “fix” sister Zhi Ling?All three exes are goddesses. They’re awesome

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On New Year’s Eve, apart from family reunion, perhaps the biggest event contributed by the entertainment industry was “national sister” Lin Chi-ling’s announcement that she had given birth to her son.This year has been 48 years old Lin Chi-ling, once was a baby voice but always considerate “national sister”, also once because of the “original idol” yan Chengxu entanglement of love story for 15 years by people pity.Although it has been controversial, but she always smile considerate, gentle and pleasant, career once ushered in a high point, hot.In everyone thought That Lin Zhiling and Yan Chengxu to a “century compound”, she was overruled, married to everyone is not too familiar with the Japanese actor Kurozawa Ryohei.Since then, Lin Zhiling usher in the biggest black spot since debut, road popularity fell into the valley bottom, she has been spread by domestic violence, be derailed, career is also trapped in stagnation.Until today, she spread the birth of happy news — as if all the grievances before, have become a fleeting cloud smoke.So what is the magic of this man, seven years younger than Lin chi-ling?Ryohei Kurozawa was born in 1981 in Yamato city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. He was a member of the school football club when he was in primary school.Because of his talent in football, he was recommended to Study in Iwada East High School and then went to England to study.Lin Chi-ling, meanwhile, has been discovered by talent scout Lin Chien-huan and is on her way to becoming a model.However, Lin chi-ling still wanted to finish her studies first, so she went to a private girls’ missionary school in Toronto, Canada. After graduation, she entered the University of Toronto, majoring in the history of Western art and economics.Mr. Kurosawa began dancing at the age of 16 and moved to Tokyo two years later to pursue career opportunities.In the same year, Lin Chi-ling, 23, returned to Taiwan and settled down after graduation. She even tried to get a job at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, but was rejected because she did not have a master’s degree or above.In desperation, Lin returned to the University of Toronto to continue her studies.But perhaps Lin chi-ling was born to be a star. She landed the chance to star in Leslie Cheung’s music video for “Everybody” while working as a part-time model in Taiwan during the summer vacation.Later, she went to Japan to study abroad for three months on the recommendation of her photographer friend, during which she also shot many print advertisements.At that time, Lin chi-ling worked hard and returned to Taiwan to work as a part-time acting teacher at Huagang Art School. At the same time, she shot a sexy advertisement for a Beauty group in Hong Kong, which gained the first wave of attention since her debut.Ryohei Kurosawa, on the other hand, was discovered in a dance club by Actors Daisuke Maki and Yochiki Usami, members of EXILE, a popular singing and dancing group that has won Japanese record awards for several years.In black ze Liangping for his dream to work hard silently when, Lin Zhiling has begun to host “popular tracking”, “Japan rediscovered” and other fashion programs, and because of beautiful beautiful appearance was rated by Taiwan media “Taiwan first beauty”.At the same time, she had an affair with Jerry Yan, who became an “Asian star” with “Meteor Garden”.At that time, the two went into a building together and spent nine hours alone. There were rumors that they were living together, but they denied it.In 2004, at the age of 30, Lin chi-ling gradually began to develop her career in the mainland and Hong Kong, and gradually became a “new star” in the entertainment industry.At the same time, Ryohei Kurozawa became a member of the group RATHER UNIQUE, where he made his debut as a dancer.At that time, the three people were each trying to climb up in their own trajectories, probably never thinking of changing each other’s fate and their entire lives.The gossip between Jerry yan and Lin Chi-ling was confirmed in 2005.This year, kurozawa Liangping’s career is in a lukewarm state, but Lin Zhiling because the phone broke out of the shop to repair, accidentally exposed her and Yan Chengxu’s intimate photos.A photo of a couple cuddled together in bathrobes immediately sparked public curiosity, but attitudes to the relationship were not kind: most people believed Lin relied on her husband to get ahead.Lin chi-ling, always decent and docile, responded to the criticism from his fans and the two were just friends.However, in July of the same year, she fell from her horse while filming a commercial on Dalian’s Baochi Island, resulting in multiple fractures.Her first reaction as a girlfriend was to call Yeon Seung-wook, but he did not answer. When she finally answered the phone, she asked, Why don t you take care of yourself?Born into a single family, Jerry yan lived like a child. Years later, he confessed in Happy Camp that he “didn’t know how to show love”.And in fact, he learned that Lin Zhiling was injured after the first time to contact the doctor, but also in order to avoid the reporter’s besieging, from Korea to turn a corner to dalian to visit his girlfriend.However, because he was too busy with his work at that time, he only accompanied Lin Zhiling for a short time and left immediately.Perhaps it was because he didn’t take care of her when she was injured that the two fell apart.At the same stage, there was an accident in Lin Zhiling’s family. Her parents were facing bankruptcy. The family hoped that she could marry a rich man to tide over the difficulties.Lin Chi-ling’s mother even publicly expressed “do not like Jerry Yan, hope he will not delay the future of her daughter”, they are also actively looking for a suitable marriage partner for her, among which the most eye-catching is the rich generation of Richard Qiu shikai.Qiu shikai is the third generation successor of Hecheng Sanitary ware, nicknamed “toilet prince”.He was one year older than Lin and brought flowers to her bedside when she fell from a horse and was injured, thus making the romance known.Later, he said in an interview, “Zhiling and I love each other very much. She didn’t stay with me because of money. Her endorsement fee went up to 3.8 million yuan at that time.”The two were even rumored to be getting married in 2009 and planning to have a baby the following year, but the romance never worked out.And be immersed in Lin Zhiling with Yan Chengxu, Qiu Shikai “emotional doubt cloud” in, black ze liangping’s emotional experience is very rich also.He started acting on stage in 2006 and has since appeared in a number of films, notably the 2008 romantic drama Boys over Boys.Yes, the Japanese version of Meteor Garden, which made Jerry Jerry famous overnight, but he only played a minor role.During this period, Kurozawa Ryohei made a total of two girlfriends, but because of tepid career development did not receive too much attention.Until the beginning of 2011, he met his third girlfriend Masami Nagasawa, the woman is a well-known actress in The Japanese national popularity, is said to be comparable to Niigaki Knot Yi, and the love history is unusually rich.Only the amour of two people lasted for half a year only, because the job of each other is too busy final feeling turns weak, regrettable end, and this part company is said to be black ze Liangping to put forward.Three months after their breakup, Kurosawa appeared in the stage play Red Cliff Love, in which he played the role of Zhou Yu and Lin Chi-ling played xiao Qiao.After that, Lin Zhiling and Kurozawa Ryohei became friends.Mr. Kurosawa’s stage name is AKIRA, which means “light” in Japanese. He got his name because his friends said he “always warms people around him like light.”It is said that every time he appeared on the show, he would bring snacks for his colleagues, even careful enough to consider each person’s favorite taste;After filming, he would put down his star AIRS and pick up props together with others in bad weather.He also put this patience on Lin Zhiling, it is said that during the two people get along as friends, Lin Zhiling’s grandmother died, the first object that wants to talk is Black Ze Liangping.When Lin Chi-Ling dropped her guard and cried herself to sleep on the phone, she woke up with her partner still there, and instantly warmed her “sister of the people” with “HIGH emotional intelligence” by saying “I am there”.It is said that Lin Chi-ling decided to be with Kurozawa Ryohei because of this matter, she said: “this matter is a key point in our future life decided to hand in hand, that kind of company is I will never forget the moving moment.”On the other hand, the public can only expect Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan’s “reunion of the century”, they did in 2016 golden Horse Awards, a “frame of the century”.In the face of the public for compound, Yan Chengxu is very shy “to see the meaning of each other”;They were indeed photographed going to the gym together, but Lin said they “just reconnected”.And then, the story of these two people is over.At the end of 2018, Lin Chi-ling suddenly announced that she would marry Japanese actor Ryohei Kurosawa.The wedding was rushed out the following June.”She gives a lot of love and courage every day. She has a strong sense of responsibility and a warm personality. I want to give her happiness and cherish her and her family,” Kurosawa said in his wedding vows.Lin responded: “Thank you for making me have the courage to accept love. I am willing to face every unknown in the future with you. I will accompany you through all the adversity.”It is said that at their wedding banquet, in the face of S’s heckling, Kurosawa ryohei said to the crowd with a thick smile: “Zhiling is my child!”Perhaps for Lin Chi-ling, since her debut has always been a high eq, popular face to show people, never a person asked her whether she was free and easy.And the Japanese media even in Kurosawa Ryohei after the news of marriage to find his first girlfriend, the other party directly said that “he is a very considerate and gentle person,” without saying a bad comment.After her marriage, Lin only appeared at a few events in 2019, and then rarely appeared in public.The outside world because of dissatisfaction with her marriage to black Ze Liangping, repeatedly spread about her is not good news, Taiwan media frequently spread she suffered from uterine cancer, also said black ze Liangping domestic violence, derailment.Lin has never responded to such news, but appeared in a magazine interview with her husband last year to share her happy married life.According to the actress, the couple played sports together and held hands while chatting at home.When her husband went to work, she saw him out like any ordinary housewife.Perhaps, all the legends about Lin Zhiling are created by the public according to their own imaginary stories, but the real her is just a low-key wife who wants to enjoy a quiet life.From 2000 to now, she has many labels on her body, and Kurosawa Ryohei gave her, is the one she wants most.Anyway, I wish Lin Zhiling, all the days in the future are the dull life I want.​