PSW Graduate Visa FAQ

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Since many students’ student visas expire at the end of January, we have received a lot of questions about the visa application recently.We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers to PSW graduate visa applications.1. Where do I need to submit my application?Immigration requires that the application be made in the UK with a valid student visa.Although the whole process is online, it is strongly recommended that you do not risk leaving the UK to apply.2. Who can apply?Two years for bachelor’s and master’s degrees and three years for doctoral degrees.Those who have previously applied for DES or graduate visas are not eligible to apply again.This also means that after the formal implementation of the Graduate Route, the original post-doctoral visa (DES) will be replaced and the DES path will no longer exist.3. What requirements should the applicant meet?Applicants must have completed a qualified course at a higher education institution under their current student /T4 visa to apply for a graduate visa.That is to say, if you have graduated from a bachelor’s degree and applied for a new student visa, you must wait for the master’s degree before you can apply for a graduate visa.In a word, you can’t apply with a previous degree.In addition to successfully graduating, they are required to have no prior criminal record or immigration violations, such as late payments.4. What are the requirements for the length of time to complete the study in the UK?For courses less than 12 months in length, the entire course must be completed in the UK.For courses longer than 12 months, at least 12 months have been completed in the UK.However, during the epidemic, special cases will be dealt with:The course will start in 2021, and you can apply for a graduate visa if you have completed the follow-up course before September 27, 2021.After obtaining a graduate visa, you can work without limiting the type of work.You can also study, but you can’t take courses that require a student visa, such as part time courses.6. Can I work full-time in the UK on a graduate visa?Yes, looking for a job, self-employment/company can be set up, no restrictions, 7, visa is about to expire, degree certificate has not come down how to do?Can I apply for PSW?Note that although degree/diploma in principle is one of the materials needed to apply PSW, but in some cases is not necessary condition, as long as able to prove to immigration you have complete their studies smoothly, even without a degree/diploma can also apply for the PSW, specific can consult: 8 families, graduates can carry?Family members can accompany them and obtain visas of the same length.However, a student Dependant visa is required to apply.Newborn babies are not subject to this restriction.9. My student visa is about to expire, but I want to apply for an EA first to delay my time and then apply for a PSW visa. Can I do that?If EA fails, can I still apply for a graduate visa if the student visa has expired by the time I get the result?The first question, yes, but be careful;Second question, no.If your EA application is successful, then everyone will be happy and you will be able to apply for your PSW visa successfully.But if the visa has expired, students in the process of waiting for EA results and unfortunately got the rejection letters, so even if immigration to give you the legal residence in the UK for a period of time, you will not be able to apply PSW, because of your student visa status has failed at this time, it’s just immigration to give you a departure for a “ample time”.However, you can use the extra time to apply for a new EA again until successful, and then switch to PSW visa.However, there is no doubt that there is a certain risk to do so, so the suggestion is not sure of small partners do not rashly try, penny wise and pound foolish.Remember, if you do not succeed in EA, your application for PSW is likely to be rejected. Please consider carefully!How much does it cost to apply for a graduate visa?The visa requires a £700 visa fee and a £624 annual migrant health surcharge.11. If an employer offers a work visa, can I continue to use the graduate visa?If a UK employer wishes to offer you a work visa while you are on a graduate work visa, you can continue to use the graduate visa and also convert it to a new work visa, which can start to count towards permanent residence.12. Is the graduate visa oriented towards permanent residence in the UK?The graduate visa is non-renewable and does not count towards the duration of permanent residence in a work visa application, although it does count towards the cumulative duration of permanent residence in a 10-year application.If a graduate work visa is not available at the end of its term, the applicant will need to leave the country.