Shangshui Tan zhuang a man for returning home did not report to the public security organs admonished detention

2022-07-30 0 By

Wang mou, March 24 evening since driving back from Shanghai Tan Zhuang, did not advance to the village committee and community report.I said that after coming back to live in a hotel parking lot in their own car, eat by its mother to the parking lot.Since March 24, I have taken nucleic acid test for three times in Tanzhuang Health Center and one time in Neutral hospital, all of which were negative.After receiving the masses to report, the public Security Bureau immediately carried out work, has been escorted to tan Zhuang centralized isolation point isolation.Wang hid his travel path, did not take the initiative to report to the community where he lived, and did not carry out home health monitoring as required, resulting in a serious risk of COVID-19 transmission.The Public Security bureau of Shangshui County launched an investigation on April 2.At present, Wang is under centralized quarantine at the epidemic prevention and control isolation point.Police remind: continue to adhere to the non-essential business, especially do not go to medium-high risk areas or areas with positive infections.Take the initiative to register and report to the community and village where they live and implement relevant control measures as soon as they return to zhoukou city.Pay close attention to the release of medium-high risk areas and areas with positive infection at any time. Those who have a history of living in the above areas should report immediately.Those who find that they are in contact with the confirmed positive cases or close contacts should report to the authorities immediately.Anyone who receives a phone call related to a confirmed case should report the case as soon as possible.Anyone who conceals, falsely reports, delays or fails to actively report or cooperate with epidemic prevention and control, thus causing serious consequences, will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the law.The public is encouraged to report those who violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations by calling 110.