Sun long apologized late at night, but the opportunity really may be lost, Lin Xiaojun issued a message

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At present, the global sports event Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing.But the big events, short track speed skating, are over.Wang Meng, the former evil king of short track speed skating, shook his head and said he did not want to scold sun Long any more, implying that Sun Long was too bad.Sun Long himself also realized the loss brought to his team by such a low-level mistake, and issued an apology in the middle of the night.In this regard, some netizens said, “If you don’t seize the chance, it’s useless to apologize. Maybe Sun Long’s chance has really been lost.”However, Lin’s post made many netizens excited and look forward to it, because the message was very clear.Short track speed skating 5000 meters final, The Chinese team is very important to this race, because we all know that this race will be the Chinese short track speed skating team in this Winter Olympics in the last gold point, China’s goal is very clear, that is the gold medal.At the last Winter Olympics, China won silver.There are five teams competing in the final, namely China, Canada, South Korea, Russia and Italy.The four Chinese athletes are Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Sun Long.South Korea took the lead after the start of the 45-lap race.However, the Chinese team is not in a hurry, waiting for the post-strike.As the game progressed, the Chinese team’s post-strike strategy paid off, and the Chinese team slowly rushed from the last place to the third.When the Chinese team gradually into a good situation, the Chinese team’s Sun Long has a very serious mistake at the critical moment, directly fell down.In this way, all the previous efforts of the Chinese team disappeared.Wang Meng was so angry at Sun Long’s performance that he almost had no words: “I can’t scold any more. I have no words. What can I say?”In the previous competition, Sun Long’s performance is also very poor, no fight, Wang Meng at that time in the live broadcast directly angry said: “I want to be on the court, I directly a big mouth……You are wasting national resources.”Have to say, Sun long’s performance is really not good, the most important is also involved in the whole team.The gold medal went to Canada and the silver to South Korea.And The Chinese team, because of sun Long’s mistake, directly bottom.After the match, Sun long also felt guilty and posted an apology on social media late at night.I’m sorry for my friends, my coaching staff, my team, my fans, my family, my friends and my country.To be honest, Sun Long is a capable skater, otherwise he would not have made the short track team list.But his performance in the Beijing Winter Olympics was really incomprehensible.So, after his apology, many Internet users are not optimistic about his prospects on the national short track speed skating team.I think Sun Long is still young, but with his performance, it is estimated that there is no chance in the future.After all, given such a good opportunity, not only did you not take it, but you behaved disappointantly.After Sun apologized, Lin Xiaojun, another Chinese athlete who did not compete in the competition, left a message comforting Sun: “Don’t blame yourself. Come on, come on, come on!”Then, he also issued a long article, comments on the Performance of the Chinese team in the Olympic Games, called the joy, cheer for it.He added: “In the coming days, I hope more young people will take the initiative to participate in this brave and exciting sport.I love this sport, it is all I have, I will lead by example and actively promote the development of this sport, we come together.”Lin’s announcement excited many netizens and sent a message that he would lead by example in promoting the sport.And the best way to promote a sport is to do well on the field.This also means that Lin Xiao Jun to sprint, to show their strength in the field again.As an Olympic champion, Lin is strong.Unsurprisingly, in the new Olympic cycle, he will be one of the core players of the Chinese team, helping the Chinese team achieve good results.Besides Lin, there is no doubt that Ren Ziwei will be the absolute core of China’s short track team.Despite his age, Wu dajing himself says he will keep skating.In addition to these three players, there is this time due to a variety of reasons failed to participate in the Ankai, plus the former genius boy Han Tianyu, the winter Olympic Games on the outstanding performance of Li Wenlong.Perhaps, as netizens say, Sun long may not have much chance after all.