Wild lilies in the morning wind

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The wild Lily in the Morning breeze of Lotus Leaf Field — Reading Li Hanrong’s All Things Are Sentient beings, I first read Li Hanrong’s prose in Reader magazine.Because of love, because of admiration, so online shopping his collection of essays “All Sentient Beings”.Li Hanrong, a poet and essayist, is the chairman of the Writers’ Association of Hanzhong City.A collection of his 62 beautiful essays, “All Things Are Sentient”, are like wild lilies swaying gently in the morning breeze, fresh and natural, elegant and free from vulgarities, sending out refreshing fragrance, nourishing the heart.First, his prose language is flexible and poetic.Each essay in the collection is lively and clever, full of poetry and literary style.”Hair” wrote my mother in order to raise enough tuition, cut off two braids, sold to the supply and marketing agency.”Now my mother is old.White as reeds in the autumn wind, white as snow on the mountaintops…”Poetic language, simple and full of deep feeling.”A Bowl of Water” recalls my dear grandmother.Grandmother love beauty, love clean, often in a bowl of water to arrange hair.He wrote: “In a bowl of clear water, there is sadness like grandma’s sea.The sea of despair…Finally, Grandma, you’re gone.You silently carry a bowl of water.You take one last look at yourself.You pull the last dignity out of the water…”Read here, tears can not help but wet eyes.In touching a Musical Instrument, he writes of chime bells: “I listen to the voice of this amazing bronze, my soul transcends the ages, I hear the great river before Christ, I see the stars of antiquity, listening in silence to the voices of men.The sound fades away, I still travel in the sound, silent wilderness, snow falls, I dance with the snow.In a piece of ancient music, I have gone through thousands of years, when I come back to god, I have been the end of life…”This poetic language, this rich imagination, things and I blend, the unity of nature and man, lingering sound, long aftertaste.Secondly, Li Hanrong’s prose is full of philosophy, enlightening and thought-provoking.Zhou Guoping said, “When I read good books, I feel like I get to know different pilgrims who are walking on their own pilgrimage roads.There are as many pilgrim paths as there are pilgrims in the world, and each one is made by each pilgrim himself.”It can be said that reading Li Hanrong’s prose, we also get to know a great pilgrim, who uses the charm of wisdom to edify our lonely journey in the years and help us pursue poetic dwelling.He wrote waterfall — “The life of a waterfall is a life full of climax!””All my life imprisoned on a cliff, all my life a singer of freedom.Every moment of death, every moment of birth.”He wrote “The Snow World” — “The only day on which you don’t need love is when it snows.”He wrote I Give the Valley back to the Valley – “The valley is a hermit of time, secluded from the world.””I will return Glen to Glen.”These words are philosophical and thought-provoking, like a string of shining pearls on a soft sand beach, reflecting the brilliance of the sun.In addition, Li Hanrong’s prose is implicative and meaningful, and touching.The 62 classic essays in the book, everywhere around a “love” word: people love, people feel that the world is worth;Animals have feelings, can be friends;Plants sentient beings to nourish heaven and earth;Objects sentient beings, to miss the years;Nature has sentient beings to water our hearts;History and humanity sentient beings, to arouse our feelings and thoughts.In his father’s Shoes, he wrote fondly: “His poor life was more abundant and rich than any emperor or rich man.A slap on his coat, a shake in his shoe, a spring…”In the face of “Walnut Tree”, he said: “the sky does not speak, thick soil speechless, walnut tree does not speak.”He “cattle”, the old black this cow feelings are very deep, said: “…I suddenly realized that WHEN I let the cow go, it was actually the cow that let me go.I’ve been herding a cow for two months, and that cow has been herding me for decades.I may have been held by a cow all my life.”Reading this, I could not help thinking of a sentence in the preface: “The soft part of life is the inner kind, the kind of kindness, the kind of consideration and compassion soaked in the warm fog.”The truth moving words, such as gurgling spring into the heart, the heart feels warm, rich and soft.A writer said, no man is an island, every book is a world.Reading All Sentient Beings written by Li Hanrong brings us back to the field of primitive life in this noisy and impetuous world, where we live together with mountains, rivers, earth, vegetation and creatures. We are full of awe of life and gratitude to all things, and enjoy a lonely and full spiritual journey.