Your safety I will protect taojiang public security armed police armed patrol

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Public security armed police armed patrol.Massachusetts moment yiyang January 31 – (correspondent Paul peng wang Zhou Mei) to comprehensively enhance the level of social three-dimensional patrol, celebrating the Spring Festival for providing a safe and harmonious public security environment, on January 30, taojiang county police patrol armed police armed logistic work mode, strong build a convoy jurisdiction of peace “the first line of defence”.The Public Security Bureau of Taojiang County has set up a leading group for armed patrol to ensure the orderly operation of joint armed patrol by public security and armed police.The patrol in accordance with the “universal coverage, focused and effective control, timely treatment of” the principle of combining step by car tour, tour, we will focus on developing of square, station, schools, hospitals, large supermarkets and other crowded areas such as key parts of the patrol, utmost ground cloth p street level, strengthen patrol force, power and control power,To ensure the stability of public security during the Spring Festival and the “two sessions”, and effectively enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the people.The joint patrol will last until March 15.