Beihai: Carrying out home visits to clean government

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“I hope you can understand that our unit is under heavy workload and high pressure and often works overtime. Thank you for your support…””Thank you for the organization’s concern and remind, as a family member, we will fully support the work, remind more in daily life, the good ‘lian Clean pass’, when the ‘lian help’, actively cooperate with the unit to strengthen the ‘eight hours beyond’ activity supervision…”This scene is the scene when Li Yuting, deputy secretary of beihai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of Beihai Municipal Commission for Supervision, visited Wang Yunsheng, director of the case hearing room of Beihai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, to carry out a home visit to clean government.In order to give full play to the positive role of family in the construction of clean government and build a solid defense line of family integrity, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Beihai City fully played an exemplary role and took the lead in carrying out home visits to build clean government.In accordance with the principle of “hierarchical responsibility, effective coverage”, the main leaders of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision will visit the members of the leading group at home, and the members of the leading group will visit the heads of the discipline inspection and supervision commission of the county (district), the departments of the commission and the accredited (dispatched) institutions and the inspection group at home. Through heart to heart communication with the cadres and their families,Strengthen the knowledge and supervision of discipline inspection and supervision cadres beyond the “eight hours”, educate and guide them to further build a solid line of defense against corruption and promote clean and civilized family tradition.”To carry out home visits to clean government is not only to send warmth to people, but also to supervise people entering their homes.”The passengers commission for discipline inspection committee relevant controller introduces, the city commission for discipline inspection of the prison committee in the lead by honest home visits at the same time, actively promote the city’s “head” at all levels to carry out the comprehensive governing party main body responsibility, integrity, the family visit activities step by step, the formation of primary level and a layer of a layer of responsibility system, supervision tentacles, broadening the supervision of the line of sight, with visits to promote family trait, start-up business with great clarity and style.For realizing a complete coverage of integrity, the family visit, and build a clean “double line”, introduced the passengers “to talk about responsibility Work plan to visit to promote cheap “, to promote the city secretary of the party organizations at all levels to “secretary talk face to face” (remind questioning, honest talk, special interview) and “honest home visits” as the gripper, strengthen the education of cadres, supervision and management.During the home visit, “leaders” at all levels have a deep understanding of the life circle, circle of friends, interests and hobbies of the interviewed cadres, as well as the actual difficulties existing in their families. They grasp the ideological dynamics and family situation of the cadres, understand the cadres from an all-round and multi-angle, and give timely care;To the home visit in the discovery of suggestive problems, timely remind correction.At the same time, listen to the opinions and suggestions of family members, please cadre family members as a good family supervisor, will be strict and generous to extend home.”On behalf of our unit, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your silent support to our audit work.””If you have any difficulties at home, you should report them to the organization…”A few days ago, Beihai Municipal Audit Bureau party secretary, director Lao Taiqiang and other team members used the evening, weekend time respectively to audit cadres home to carry out anti-corruption home visit activities, to inform their families of typical violations of discipline and law cases, strengthen the awareness of discipline audit cadres and their families;Together with the interviewed family members, they read the “Build a Good family tradition, Build a clean Family” initiative, and signed the “Family Commitment to Help Clean” to strengthen the awareness of “family to help clean”, carry forward the tradition of “thrift to promote clean”, and cultivate the spirit of “diligent and clean government”.In promoting the implementation of the “prescribed action” at the same time, beihai city discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels also actively carry out the “voluntary action”, firmly promote the integrity of home visits in-depth.Hepu County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision made a home visit activity record sheet in advance, the time of home visit, home visit object, visited cadres basic information, opinions and suggestions for careful registration, detailed records, timely grasp the cadre ideological situation;Haicheng District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the home visit related records, data and photos to form home visit files, do a good job of post-visit analysis;The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Yinhai District thoroughly understood the situation of cadres’ families, family education and family traditions through measures such as “talk about family affairs once, tell a case, give a set of books and solve a difficulty”;The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Tieshangang District has further promoted the work of “talking about responsibilities and visiting to promote integrity”, focusing on “home visiting + talking about heart” and exploring new ways of family supervision.Warm heart home visit to promote family style, family members keep more help lian.According to statistics, from January to November 2021, Party organizations at all levels in Beihai city conducted 1,814 home visits to clean government.Beihai City commission for Discipline inspection and supervision of the relevant person in charge said that will further promote the normalization of clean home visits, the care and care of supervision and management together, so that the supervision tentacles extend to the “eight hours”, so that the organizational supervision and family supervision with the same force, clean cultivation, clean family, jointly create a clean and civilized harmonious family style.(Beihai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection) Editor: Yang Shuo