Epidemic prevention and control: both epidemic prevention and production resumption

2022-07-31 0 By

Recently, Dip river Forestry Bureau Co., Ltd. in the epidemic prevention and control work at the same time, seize the golden period actively promote the resumption of work and production, all units and departments quickly into the state of work, do epidemic prevention and production.On the eighth day of the lunar New Year, in the community service hall of the Dip River Bureau, the staff provides enthusiastic, efficient and high-quality services for the masses who come to handle business, so that the masses are satisfied with their return.People have said that at the beginning of the New Year to work here so efficient, I believe that this year will be smooth.Also busy at the front line are the community staff. During the Spring Festival, the Communities of The Zhanhe Bureau strictly implement the normal epidemic prevention and control measures, and do not relax. Through the “online + offline” method, the comprehensive tracking of migrant workers and school students, and the establishment of the registration ledger for returning people.Residents should be instructed to “gather less, wash their hands frequently and wear masks” to further strengthen the defense line.Community grid members also pay a return visit by phone and wechat to know the physical condition of quarantined people in real time and ensure that they do not leave their homes.Community work personnel Han Chunling bureau with river north hills, said: “our communities in north hills, completes the registration of overseas returnees, the key work tracking return visit, at the same time, we will do our best to help the community daily patrol, management and service work, as far as possible to reduce the epidemic prevention and control production and living of inconvenience to the residents crowd, help enterprise smooth return to work and production.”With source | river forest region reporter | Gao Cong Dong-sheng liu coordinating editor | Wang Chang