Guangdong opened a new waterway for fresh supplies to Hong Kong

2022-07-31 0 By

Guangdong is the largest supplier of mainland food (including fresh agricultural products) to Hong Kong.In order to serve and guarantee the safe and stable supply of living materials for Hong Kong residents, Guangzhou Customs has made full use of the advantages of developed waterway transportation in the customs area, numerous piers along the Pearl River and frequent air routes to and from Hong Kong, and created a “new channel” of “South China Sea Jiujiang – Hong Kong Tuen Mun” water transportation for Hong Kong with relevant departments.In guangdong Wenshi Jiarun Food Co., LTD. Xinxing meat processing factory, workers are busy preparing goods.In the morning of February 16, guangdong Wenshi Jiarun Food Co., LTD xinxing meat processing plant in Yunfu city, Guangdong Province, staff in different links of the assembly line.After many times of cleaning and pretreatment, each batch of broilers will be checked by the customs officer of Luoding, Guangzhou Customs, who will check the commodity name, production batch number, check the package and count the quantity. After passing the on-site quarantine, the broilers will be loaded and shipped by truck.At 14:00, a cold-chain transport truck carrying 24 tons of chilled whole chickens, totaling more than 13,000 chickens, arrived at the Sinotrans transport terminal in Jiujiang, South China Sea.Foshan Customs office in South China Sea under Guangzhou Customs, terminal operation units, shipping companies and customs brokers completed container dispatching, shipping space arrangement, terminal scheduling, customs declaration, on-site inspection and supervision, and shipped the containers to Tuen Mun Pier in Hong Kong, which could be listed and sold in Hong Kong the next day.Quarantine supervision of poultry products supplied to Hong Kong by Luoding Customs officer of Guangzhou Customs.Customs officers of Foshan Customs office in South China Sea supervised the lifting of containers of chilled goods supplied to Hong Kong.It is understood that since the Hong Kong outbreak, in under the guidance and coordination of the General Administration of Customs in guangdong branch, guangzhou customs go all out to safeguard towards the fresh food safety supply stability and smooth, and will use the “declaration” and enterprise measures such as “direct arrival at Hong Kong fashion”, in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules in port open up fresh supplies “green channel”, build towards the commodity fast channel,Achieve “zero waiting” and “zero delay” for port clearance.Lin Lin, Guan Yue, Guangzhou Daily new Flower City, Liao Xueming, Guan Yue, Guangzhou Daily New Flower City, Editor: Zhang Ying