How to make money from traffic hotspots?

2022-07-31 0 By

The flow of hot spots can be converted into cash. The general process is as follows: demand discovery → traffic acquisition → attempt to cash in → proxy fission → amplification of earnings.From this process, we can see that the most important thing from demand to realization is to obtain flow. As long as there is hot flow, it can be realized by discovering demand naturally.The essence of hot traffic and selling things, is to seek solutions to the problem.Can become a hot style, often because there is less similar content on the network at that stage, users do not have too many choices.If we can solve these problems of the audience users, or make the other party think that they can help them solve the problem, drainage and transformation is not a difficult thing.Today we are going to share two common ways to find hot topics.First, browse toutiao, Weibo, Douyin hot search, Zhihu hot list, read the content shared by peers in the circle, to develop their own sense of the Internet.To see more hot traffic content, classification of these content why to become popular, its essence is what caused the attention and browsing of the audience.If you can discover the internal logic of its hot spots, you can quickly have a sixth sense of hot spots.Second, tap into hot communities, comment sections, and other places to see what topics and content people are talking about.This is to conduct secondary excavation from the area extended by hot spots. When everyone is discussing hot spots, we can see what people are concerned about, so as to analyze the potential needs of audiences and users, so that new hot spots can be found through understanding the needs in the future.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to zebra cloud creation