“Internet plus Government Affairs Center” The Social Security Center has actively promoted the informatization construction of unemployment insurance

2022-07-31 0 By

In order to further improve the management and service level of unemployment insurance, the social security Center of high-tech Zone actively explores, makes great efforts in convenience, efficiency and safety, and steadily promotes the information construction of unemployment insurance.First, information service is convenient for people.Handle affairs masses by individual society security card and id card, can pass information inquiry system of APP of weinan people agency to call read, inquiry and print unemployed insurance information, can master every month unemployed insurance gold to account and fund pay the case of insurance of him worker primary medical treatment at any time, very convenient.Second, fast application and acceptance.A lot of work done by the unemployed insurance treatment system, extracted from the database of social security system for the record of employment and unemployment to register and protect capture information such as unemployment insurance, and make a detailed classification and calculation, the formation of unemployed insurance treatment information, stamp showing reasons of discrepancy condition, do not need to fill out personal information, without the person in charge input information, quick and easy.Third, efficient treatment and payment.The unemployment insurance treatment system connects with social security and medical insurance systems to form shared data. On the 25th of each month, the unemployment insurance treatment system automatically generates a monthly payment plan, prints the payment information from the system to the bank, and then the bank sends the payment and payment on behalf of the bank, that is, completes the whole payment and payment process.Fourth, business operation security.Unemployment insurance pay business operating system, by handling, audit, review, pay the job, each division of its duties, mutual supervision.The data information is read from the social security network, and the payment plan is generated by the system on a monthly basis.In special circumstances, if it is really necessary to change or modify, an application shall be submitted in the system maintenance module according to the procedures. After review and approval, the handling personnel shall change or modify it, which can effectively reduce human factors and improve the ability of business risk prevention and control.(Contribution: Dang Yan, Social Undertakings Administration)