Nearly 5 battlefields average 28 points!Houston got a treasure, career high no. 2 pick, Silas knows how to use people

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The Houston Rockets lost 117-122 to the Sacramento Kings in the Western Conference on Thursday, their third straight loss in three days, leaving porter and Jaylen Green in the same category.The last game, the rockets narrowly lost the reason is that Porter failed to tie the ball, critical moment to his teammates.Porter made just 11 of 24 shots, was 4 of 12 from 3-point range, and was the least efficient of any starter with a plus-2 rating.Might as well have a look at the next jay – green in 5 games scoring performance, 23, 25, 30, 32, 33 points, five games in every match jay – green scored in the incremental, and in the face of the pelican team 33 points, joining the NBA league career is jay – green high, is the second sign of the “visible” talent and strength.After the All-Star break, Jaylen Green’s form skyrocketed and he seemed to find his identity.Statistically speaking, Jaylen Green has averaged 28 points in his last five games, which is a contender for scoring champion of the month and an arm wrestle with Lebron James.From this game analysis, Jay – Green’s offense is very big, especially in the first quarter of the game, Jay – Green played 12 minutes, shooting 5 of 6, 3 of 4 3-pointers, got a quarter of the highest 14 points, but also has 4 rebounds 1 steal performance;On offense, Green was unstoppable, and on defense, green forced the Kings into multiple turnovers with aggressive defense in the first quarter. He picked up two fouls, but it didn’t affect green’s 33-point performance.It is worth noting that After this game, Jay Green has scored 30+ points in three consecutive games and 20+ points in five consecutive games, setting a new personal scoring record while also bringing infinite fantasy for Rockets fans.With this crop of young talent and next season’s rookies, the Rockets have every chance to disrupt the current league and even complete the rebuilding dream in less than three years.The credit goes to head coach Silas, who has an eye for people and is able to suppress the anger of these young players, which is the key to the rockets’ growth.If you have a different opinion, please leave it in the comments section. Double click to follow wang next door. Thank you for your support!