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Wild pea, herb, pinnate compound leaves, purplish red flowers, pods.Young stems and leaves can be used as vegetables, and seeds can be eaten.Pea leaves (pea leaves), namely pea shoots.○[Shi Sanyou] Jinling Wild History, Spring Eight Vegetables and Wild Vegetables: The so-called spring eight vegetables are the eight vegetables in season. They are asparagus, giraldii, pea leaves, garlic shoots, spring shoots, mushrooms, lettuce, and broad beans.○[Seok Sam-woo] Wild History of Jinling, Spring Eight Delicacies and Wild VegetablesSee “Pea shoots.”Pea, ◆ bean name.Herbs annual or biennial with pods and slightly globose seeds.Young pods and seeds are edible.Week a. [song] [ð ª ¸ ©] on the west, don’t log volume: “[Su Wenzhong], the [set wu] to [hill], [Shang Yin] city, also have peas, barley[Ming][Li Shi-jin] Compendium of Materia Medica, Gu SAN, and Pea.Its soft and wan seedling was her name.”Copper pea (Copper pea), the metaphor of the old threshold, romantic lover.Is [Song][Yuan] in the column for the old approbers cut.○[Yuan][Unknown] The Pavilion of Flowers: Crystal cone, copper peasRed skirt meddling, brocade quilt shu head.”○[Yuan][Dong Junrui][Shao Bian · Hard Ye] : “Fried copper peas in a leather pot, folded iron bed sheet on the fire pit.”○[Yuan][Guan Hanqing] “A Flower · Fu Lao” song: “I am a steamed, not cooked, not baked, not fried, not dangdang a copper pea.”