Chengdu Petrochemical Industry School trains employees for enterprises

2022-08-01 0 By

Recently, dai Yanchun and Bai Bai, two teachers from chengdu Petrochemical Industry School’s Tourism major, were invited to carry out pre-job skills training for pengzhou Sakura Valley Shangyi Garden employees.The training mainly includes the basic knowledge of restaurant service, the basic knowledge of room service, the basic skills of catering waiters and room attendants.In the training, Teacher Dai Yanchun closely combined with the current job requirements of food and beverage service personnel, from simple to deep, so that employees as soon as possible familiar with the etiquette knowledge of food and beverage service and food and beverage service skills.According to the working process of the room department, Bai Xue explained the working characteristics of the room department and the job responsibilities of the room staff carefully to the staff of the center by on-site demonstration and scenario simulation.The training of the two teachers fully aroused the enthusiasm of the staff, which was unanimously praised by the staff of Shenpei.This training not only improves the professional quality and service level of the staff of the center, but also enhances the professional level and social service ability of the teachers of chengdu Petrochemical Industry School’s tourism major, laying a foundation for the school’s tourism major to further serve the local economy.(By Li Zhongqiang)