Yesterday’s fund earnings and today’s two plates!(Feb. 8)

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The Shanghai Composite Index showed a strong performance, while the GROWTH Enterprise Market (GEM) showed a weak performance, and both ended up. Specifically, the Shanghai Composite Index (3429) rose by 2.03%, while the GEM index (+0.31%) and THE CSI 300 index (csi 300) rose by 1.54%. 3448 stocks rose yesterday.Yesterday trading performance is +1.73%, the effect of making money is also good, my fund +341 yuan.Yesterday, the yield of my fund was +0.47%, which was lower than the +1.54% of csi 300. Yesterday, my fund Zhonghuabao Securities ETF Link A, Tianhong China Securities Insurance Index C, Hua ‘an Sports and Health Theme flexible allocation mixed A, etc. rose by more than 1%.Rongtong Health Industry Flexible allocation hybrid C, All Stars of Sino-Europe Super stock, HUitanfu China Traditional Medicine Index (LOF)C and other stocks rose less than 1%, while Tianhong China Securities Computer theme ETF Link C, Huitanfu Social responsibility Hybrid, Changxin National Defense quantitative flexible allocation hybrid C fell against the trend.In particular, Changxin National Defense plunged 1.5%, dragging down my overall income. Overall, personal fund performance was poor yesterday, a little disappointed, I hope it can be better today.The annual return is -8085 yuan, and the annual return rate of the fund is -9.98%.Gains + 350 yuan per month warburg brokerage ETF join A and long national defense quantification flexible configuration hybrid C these two funds hold basic quite, yesterday, or fall also similar, just the hedge, heavy falls in recent military plates, short-term indicators have also been oversold, A rebound in demand, contrarian decline may be due to the last day before yesterday A gain,Let’s see what we can do today.Today, two plate analysis: the first is securities.Big financial sector’s recent form is quite steady, banking, insurance, securities trend rise alternately, bank rose 3% yesterday led, today also is expected to round to the securities sector, from a performance point of view, as of February 7, 32 brokerages forecast for 2021 annual results, including 27 profit year-on-year growth, five net profit declined,There are 4 brokerage net profit is expected to double, the overall performance is good, especially the comprehensive leading brokerage annual net profit growth significantly higher than the growth of revenue, share price and profit is not proportional to the market after the stabilization of the securities sector is expected to be stronger than the market.(Related funds: Warburg Securities ETF connection C Tianhong Securities Bank ETF connection C China Southern Securities All Index Securities COMPANY ETF connection C) The second is healthcare.Medical treatment in a month before the Spring Festival due to the impact of negative factors continue to adjust, a cumulative decline of 18% in January, now the negative out, short-term indicators seriously oversold, 9 turn indicators show in January 28, the number of 9, suggesting the beginning of the rebound, although yesterday high fall, but in the future for a period of time personal or optimistic.(Related fund: CEIbs medical innovation stock C Guangfa Medical Care stock A Tianhong Medical health mix C) Now that I see here, that predestined relationship, then pay attention to bai, if you have any questions, please leave A message in the post directly, I will answer one by one!The above is purely personal, only for reference.Investment has a risk, enter the market need caution!