Zhou Shen, take you home for the New Year, tell the ancient thoughts | another homesickness

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Fei Yuqing, Li Keqin, # Zhou Shen # Zhou Shen, three singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Land, three levels of age, cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese three languages, two Kings with a bang, the beautiful harmony, the opening was deeply attracted, big sound xixiang elephant invisible singing, incisively and vividly interpreted the home country hometown……Think about private, this song is the strongest is artistic conception, is the power of your heartstrings, three singers don’t show off shoots, but warm and pure tone interweave, slowly tell the true feelings, his flow from the stage to the audience heart, this is a home countries all over the world, is a rare in today common entertaining sounds heald works.This is the week of hacken lee, fei yu qing, deep cooperation of another kind of homesickness, numerous little stage, hacken lee teacher opens his mouth, warm is mellow, like quiet night, the distant place a river flows slowly, floating light cloudy, a pale moon linger on it, that is, felt nostalgia;Then cost clear teacher river spring as clear sound, in this quietly and lever-framed river layer on the beautiful, covered with a layer of fog swaying white moonlight;The ethereal melodious songs of Zhou Deep from far away, flying and blending harmoniously in the misty white moonlight, are not songs, but homesick dreams, memories of hometown…Three kinds of unique voice of different beauty, charm, light and soft harmony, set off each other, complement each other, integrate each other, different language, different feelings, different age groups of different life perception, Teacher Li Keqin is telling that miss to himself, teacher Fei Yuqing is a wandering traveler memories are coming to my heart,Zhoushen is the place where I grew up, cared about and wanted to return to.Three kinds of different languages, what sustenance is the same yearning, a kind of indelible metaphysical thinking, a kind of indescribable yearning and sentimentally attached to hometown.The beautiful singing in the middle is hometown, is missing, is missing, is the sorrow of home country hometown, is the tears of the soul.Teacher Fei Yuqing’s singing is the nostalgia of the older generation aftertaste, has experienced the affairs of the open-minded and fallen leaves to return to the roots of the thirst;Li Keqin teacher’s singing is his father’s homesickness, is experienced after a lot of deep and steady;Zhou Shen’s singing is the homesickness of struggling young people, which is carefree and melodious, though sad.Uprooted, when is the return period, that stretch a hundred miles of sigh, whether can spread to my hometown?Fei Yuqing, Li Keqin, Zhou Deep three people, fila silk continuously homesickness winding, let melancholy yearning filled the air in everyone’s heart.Close your eyes, listen to “the clouds and trees”, as if you have taken the train home, outside the window, trees, people, bridge railings…Gallop back, eager to return, eager to read…New Year’s day is coming. Are you homesick?Did you. go home?Listen to Zhou Shen’s song!