7 tips to help you avoid missteps at work

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I am weibo, click “follow”, every day to share your career survival, thinking progress, personal growth, we media writing tips.Here are seven things you can do to save yourself a lot of missteps in the workplace.Suggest collect forward!1, in the workplace, remember to listen more and speak less if you have to say, you must pick up the good to say, to say good words, praise words, so that others can not find fault with you.There are going to be rabble-rousers in the workplace, so don’t give them the license to take things out of context.It’ll make it easier for you to keep your head above water.2, strength has nothing to do with connections. “Willing to be used, to use others.”The so-called network, ultimately depends on whether you have the use of value.If you are not useful to others, it is impossible for others to have the desire to get to know you. There is no such thing as networking, just superficial knowledge.Blacksmith also need their own hard, to accumulate workplace work experience and enhance work skills!Opportunity is to fight for out of any time do not easily hope on the leadership, but to know to fight for their own interests.The more afraid, the more retreat, the more dare not fight, then everything will be farther and farther away from you.This society is all about the law of the jungle.Respect is earned. If you want to be respected, speak with respect, not with servility, not with flattery, not with flattery, not with conformity.The more he acts like this, the more he is despised.5, in the workplace, good people will meet bad people and bad things do not because of their own kindness, feel that the workplace is the same as you.This society is always like this, you can not be liked by everyone, some people like you, some people hate you, if you live in a world of other people’s judgment, you will have a miserable life.Learn to low-key wood show in the forest wind will destroy it, is really very reasonable.Everywhere appears to be smarter than others, always jumping up and down, this kind of person is often more miserable.Those who know how to play dumb are those who know how to play dumb.7, between colleagues to learn to control the distance, distance produces beauty go too close, easy to hurt each other, the more familiar, the more should be wary of the heart.It’s the people you’ve been close with who hurt you the most.They know your character, more than you know your Achilles’ heel.Above seven points, you can do five, the basic is the workplace veteran, promotion and pay rise, just around the corner!Review of previous works: In dealing with interpersonal relations, the real master often has 10 kinds of “mind tricks” in dealing with the world, do you have them?If you don’t know the way of the world, how can you live in society?How many people fail to understand the world at work?How many of these eight things do you know about people?Author introduction: Micro language workplace, enterprise level human resource management division, with a calm, professional perspective to bring you different cognition, welcome to pay attention to exchange.Article original right, misappropriation will investigate!