920,000 yuan clinch a deal!Wu Dajing found a “good family” for Jin Dun Dun

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Kim Dwen Dwen was eventually photographed by an anonymous account. How much does a Bing Dwen doll cost?Two-time Olympic champion Wu Dajing’s mascot, Jin Dundun, was auctioned for 920,000 yuan at an online public auction on April 2.This is certainly no ordinary Bing Dwen Dwen.According to the auction page, Jindundun has Wu’s signature and the date “2022.2.5” on it.It is said that Wu Dajing will also sign “to the name of the winning bidder” on the gold dun Dun doll.The special auction opened online on March 31.The auction of gold pier pier for February 5 Wu Dajing and his teammates won the first gold, for the Chinese Winter Olympic delegation made a good start when the Winter Olympic champion “hand ceremony”.Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kecin and Qu Chunyu led the Chinese team across the finish line in the short-track speed skating mixed team relay final on Sunday night to win the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics.The picture shows Chinese team members holding Bing Dwen Dwen after the game.The reporter noticed that only one hour after the auction started, the bidding price of Jindundun had reached 17,000 yuan. The bidding price reached 170,000 yuan that night, and on April 1, buyers had bid 300,000 yuan.On the evening of April 2, several buyers participated in the bidding.Bidding records show that the asking price rose from more than 300,000 yuan to 920,000 yuan before Jin Dundun was eventually snapped up by an anonymous account.In addition, 8 posters signed by Wu Dajing were auctioned at a price higher than 5,000 yuan.One of the highest hammer prices of 9,500 yuan.It is reported that each of the eight posters has an independent number, and Wu will write eight words of blessing on each poster.A total of 969,500 yuan was bid for the nine lots in the special auction, according to the auction page.According to previous reports, after the charity auction, the money raised will be directly donated to the Dajing Ice & Snow Public welfare program.In addition to the proceeds from the auction, Wu will personally donate an additional 100,000 YUAN to dajing Ice & Snow Public welfare program.Editor: Fan Fenghui Rector: Wang Shanshan source: China News network