Can you taste the taste of Yunnan spring?

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Increase after a spring rain around the mountains in yunnan is already the awaken of spring is abundant, ridge ditch side between the trees, all kinds of wild vegetables wild flowers o. potherb natural quality, unique flavor, a report from spring gift become common people at the dinner table to be bestowed favor on newly spring is yunnan people eat “youth” each to this time filled up with all kinds of wild flowers and vegetables in the market around the bright color of tomato treeFresh and delicious white flowers, fresh and fresh flowers and wild vegetables such as falcate have their “spring color”. They attract people with their unique taste. White flowers and wild vegetables are a variety of wild vegetables for people to choose.The unique flavor has become a new favorite on people’s dinner table. All flowers and stems become dishes. The rich biodiversity is the best gift that nature gives to people.White flower white flower is also known as white flower sheep hoof nail, jade lotus flower, flower bud is fusiform, the flowering period is the most in March.The cooking of white flowers is very strict with time control. The whole process from picking the flowers to serving the dishes on the table takes less than an hour. The shorter the cycle before the food is served, the fresher the dish will be.Cooking white flowers, the conventional approach with stir-fried, soup, salad, etc., so will the cooking methods of white the most ecological, natural, pure taste of the preserved twist chopsticks food, seemed to be able to feel the white flowers on the branches of the strands of fragrance, taste carefully can experience a nature wafts, aftertaste letting a person is boundless.In Xiongguan Township, Jiangchuan district, Yuxi City, many farmers make fresh walnut flowers into dishes with different flavors, which have become the local specialty.Cold walnut flower crisp and refreshing, ordering rate is relatively high, the practice is also simple.Put walnut flower in a pot of boiling water in the steam iron to eight or nine points cooked, remove to rinse with cold water, then soak up with water, change water once or twice in the morning and evening, two days after remove to drain water, cut into section, add chili oil, soy sauce, garlic oil, chili oil and so on, a hometown flavor extremely cold walnut flower is ready.Another common recipe is fried walnut flowers with preserved pork.First, fry the bacon in the wok until it is fat, and then put it in the wok for later use. Add the dried red pepper and stir fry the dried walnut flowers for three or four minutes. After seasoning with salt and MSG, it can be put out of the wok and put on the plate.Mulberry flower Mulberry flower alias millennium red, ma on zi, water Horse mulberry, black tiger King, mulberry flower.Every spring, mulberry trees are covered with fluffy flowers, which look like caterpillars from afar.There are many ways to make mulberry flower. After picking up the mulberry flower and washing it, it can be cooked directly. It can be cold, fried, fried with meat, fried with egg cake, braised with bone residue and baked with mulberry flower crisp.Either way, the mulberry has a sweet taste.Brown buns are abundant in Tengchong.Tengchong Palm bun, also known as millet, is the bud of palm tree. It is the unoutcropped flower ear growing on palm tree. It is pregnant in winter and can be obtained by stripping the outer brown skin from the tree in early spring.Fried pork with brown buns is a famous dish in Tengchong.Fried meat with brown buns is very simple, just chop brown buns and fry them with lean meat, carrots, peppers, Onions and ginger. It is characterized by a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables, bright colors of “red, yellow, green and white” and all five flavors of “sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty”.Soup with brown buns is also a popular dish in Tengchong.Simple brown pickle soup, brown bag chopped, plus dried pickles, paste pepper, ginger, scallion, coriander, fire can be cooked.Its taste is sour and bitter, and bitter and sweet.Brown buns can also be cooked together with Longjiang white fish into brown buns white fish soup, delicious taste.Tengchong also has a delicious dish called “Sea, Land and Air”, which combines the fish swimming in the water, brown buns growing on the land and wasp pupae flying in the sky into a pot.Tree tomato tree tomato cooked after the seasoning pounded, sweet and sour incense waxy, arouse taste buds infinite exploration of food.The seemingly inconspicuous leaves of loquat are a perfect partner for cooking bacon.To keep its true flavor, the tender sprouts of falamble are blanched and mixed with spices such as bean paste, chili and garlic.Natto mix SangHua parsley fry beef salad “tree” but potherb is good but unfavorable eat more don’t know and not familiar with wild vegetables, don’t eat wild vegetables to try to go easy warm prompt contaminated vegetables don’t eat outside chemical factory near the place such as the air, and gave the potherb easy absorption of lead and other chemicals, waste water of wild vegetables also contain the toxins, unfavorable edible.Drawing materials require fresh washing and cutting and cooking time should not be too long, to avoid the loss of vitamins and inorganic salts.Wild vegetable had better be to collect now eat now, the wild vegetable that puts for a long time not only is not fresh, and nutrient composition is reduced, taste is very poor.Need to soak yam vegetables, garlic and other wild vegetables have micro poison, without soaking, after eating the whole body discomfort.Be sure to soak in water for more than two hours for detoxification before cooking.The surface of wild vegetables contains dust and insects, which may cause allergies. It is more hygienic to blanch them before eating. It will not affect the taste and nutritional content.If Chinese toon contains nitrate and nitrite, and content is far higher than general vegetables, blanching in boiling water for 1 minute or so, can remove the nitrite and nitrate of 2/3 above, still can save the green of Chinese toon, improve edible safety.Bitter taste from person to person should not eat more wild vegetables.Bitter taste of wild vegetables cold taste bitter, detoxification and fire effect, but excessive consumption, damage the spleen and stomach.Old wild vegetables should not be eaten.Warm wild vegetables, Yin deficiency fire wang people do not eat.Wild flowers as a green ecological and nutrition delicious “forest vegetables” became the darling of the mass table rich in biodiversity of yunnan edible “forest vegetables” variety, large amount of resources and it is not only has the huge resources development and utilization value of forests in yunnan province bureau of forestry and grassland published “planning” difference “grass industry development in yunnan province” put forward by the year 202Five years the province places in economic output of more than 100 billion yuan of vegetables planting is Lin undergrowth focus on the development of economy, trade and industry one of the forest food pattern is a kind of relying on the forest, forest land and its ecological environment on the edge of the forest or woodland vegetables or wild vegetables grown compound management mode in recent years, yunnan province for part of the “forest vegetables” the introduction of artificial cultivation guangnan county were wenshan zhuang and miao minority autonomous prefecture ofJiao Township guides farmers to develop Chinese toon industryCloud report client in June last year the central promotion project “Yunnan characteristics woody forest vegetable cultivation promotion demonstration” was introduced into Dehong Dai Jingpo autonomous prefecture Manshi town Hexinfield village has been implemented continuous planting forest vegetable area 73.6 mu mainly cultivated with big ginseng Liang Wang tea, Toon and other Yunnan “spring vegetables”, broad prospects!Source: Yunnan Published editor: Han Yajiao Review: Xu Fengxiang