Qilu two male sympathizes, guangsha back to the fourth, Shanxi off the ninth, CBA ranking update

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Liaoning beat Ningbo 118-102 to advance to the playoffs in the 27th round of the CBA. Chouzhou beat Shenzhen 90-78, Shanghai defeated Qingdao 110-107, And Guangsha lost to Shandong 97-94, bringing Guangsha back to the fourth place. Beijing beat Tianjin 112-96.Guangzhou beat Shanxi 111-105, which dropped to ninth place, and Xinjiang trounced Tongxi 120-84.Shanxi slightly depressed recently, lost to guangzhou more depressed, because both teams are direct competitors, can also close, impact on the final qualifying is big, the both sides is the key to can’t lose, Guo Shiqiang guide and direct Yang Xuezeng enmity needless to say, but it’s a showdown, is Guo Shiqiang guide won, after the handover, shanxi sent the strongest side,Still without top scorer Mason, Guangzhou got the last laugh with zhu Mingzhen’s clutch 3-pointer in the final minutes.Chen Yingjun three consecutive got 17 times more assists, made history directly, ZhuMingZhen from a rookie forward, towards the all-around striker to ascend, the cultivation of the Guo Shiqiang guidance, both made great progress, to Mr, of course, also want to say this, just come to the CBA thought can’t type, result the took 43 points, it is a dimension reduction.Shanxi should not be daunted, the team shot the 3-point shot well and controlled the turnovers well, or the second unit needs to be more consistent, find a good backup for Felder, let Simmons play more overall.Qilu pair is freemasonry, same, of course, it is a bit derogatory, shandong in the face of the poor, cannot speak not enough meaning, shelter Sun Minghui not dozen, results Zhao Yanhao nor, if this were not enough, Xu Zhonghao can handle, the result of foul on soon, the key to construction of the whole mistake such as hemp, can grasp the good opportunity was lost too much, construction of basic is in training,The results of Shandong in almost the main force of the situation, was forced into the corner, if not Hudson a person in the last point, Shandong really lost to the remnants of the guangsha, last season’s four, now the opponent sent so much warmth are a little can not eat, people with emotion, a good team how can be brought into such a.But the poor side may have their own plan, two stage play BeiKong last round, looking from the strength, BeiKong stronger than in the eastern province of shandong and recent state is good, and shandong is fragmented, wang guidance may think their backup can take shandong, and then main accomplishment after get BeiKong, this is tian horse-racing, after all, a few major players injured,Guangsha this recruit really almost worked, Shandong is really soft persimmon, can only say also lack of a little luck, but guangsha youth army glory in spite of defeat.Qingdao is not so good luck, but I can’t give the opportunity, Shanghai is not the whole Shanghai make a mess in the first half, lag, both ends half behind Qingdao 19 points, this is a big pit, the results of the third quarter in Shanghai and to super attack wave, 40 more than 24 play in Qingdao, from power, Shanghai half behind so much Qingdao satisfied enough, small Qingdao is hard,Bonzi Wells scored all 37 points in the game, while junior Lu Junhu and Zhang Zuming also contributed, but Shanghai was the league’s best scoring team, finishing off a 22-point comeback.Shanghai wants to become a real top teams, or to control the ups and downs and mistakes, after all, so can chase behind Qingdao, behind thick state can also make track for, but not all teams will rebound to Shanghai, Shanghai can so exaggerated bottomed out, Qingdao game 22 turnovers, this is team need to summary, but young Yuan Tangwen progress is happy,The young man had 15 assists and only three mistakes, which was not low in efficiency. Li also trained a commander for the Chinese men’s basketball team.CBA latest ranking