Reverse thinking: It’s not life or work that’s holding back your ability to grow, it’s internal friction

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It’s not life or work that is hindering your ability to grow, it’s internal friction.What the practitioners of knowledge, faith and action refer to here is more the inner thinking resources that a person needs to consume when managing himself.Some people often say that they are involuntarily.Strange, isn’t it?It’s like your body is out of your control, and it’s not up to you to do what you want, so who’s in control of you?The truth is, only you are in charge of your body.You let yourself smoke, your body will smoke, your mind let yourself quit smoking, you can successfully quit smoking.If you allow yourself to eat meat, you will eat it; if you deny yourself meat, you will not be able to eat it.You tell your body to exercise, your body will exercise, you tell your body to lose weight, your body will slowly lose weight.You have to let your body know who’s boss and who’s in charge.But unfortunately, those who often say they cannot help it.Every day is entangled, anxiety, confusion, confusion, hesitation, blame…It is these invisible and intangible thinking patterns that wear down your mind and body every day.Those who know, believe and practice say that life is a practice, life and work are practices, difficulties are practices, and making money is practice.There are always friends who are so impressed that they go wild in the comments, knowing that you are just talking nonsense and “fart”, haha.Is it true that a person is practicing evil, doing bad things and breaking the law?Yes, although those who know and practice are too lazy to explain, what is it if it is not practice?What a man sows, he will have;What if you only see evil and lawlessness?They can only be true thoughts in your own mind, what you think, what you see naturally?The biggest internal friction in a person’s daily life is doing things you don’t like to do and spending time with people you don’t like.Going to work every day is like going to a grave, doing a job you don’t like all day, 8 hours, every moment is suffering, if you can do the job well, do the results, that is a ghost.All day and you don’t like people living together, but there is no way, do not like to be together every day, also certainly not happy.These miscellaneous emotions, the virtual thoughts in your inner mind, are your biggest internal friction, even if you have the greatest ability, but also difficult to use.Believers often compare a person to a computer. When you open too many programs, you will consume a lot of memory resources.When the entire system and memory resources are insufficient, the computer will slow down and light up.In the long run, a lot of internal friction will make you feel tired, if you do not reduce the timely cleaning internal friction, easy to let the computer crash automatic shutdown.How to solve their own serious internal friction?There are only two easiest ways to do this.The first way: do what you really like to do, the job you want to do, find the person you like, the person you really love to live with.What did you say?No way. It’s too hard. It’s too late, okay?The second way is to practice as the practitioner said before.You can only recognize your own thinking and practice to a higher realm and level.There is no will or no will, no like or no like.In fact, practice is about these two things, because the so-called will, like, these virtual intangible things, there is no fixed standard.Today you like it, tomorrow you don’t like it, today you do, tomorrow you don’t want to.Besides, in a world where Yin and Yang are balanced, how can you like everything and everyone?It’s wishful thinking. It’s impossible.There are always people and things that make you unhappy. Can you choose to do what you like and meet all the people you like?Since you can’t get your way, you have to go with the second option.The so-called like or not like, willing or not, are just your inner thinking, a virtual invisible “idea”.Let go of these fantasies, these emotions, they’re just playing tricks on your mind.By letting go of your illusory thoughts, you will be as still as ever, unaffected by the thoughts that play tricks on you.Naturally, you won’t have so much unnecessary internal friction.You’ll have peace of mind, your process will speed up, and you’ll be much more comfortable getting things done.Pay attention to the knowledge of the letter, private letter, free to send you two subversion of human nature inside, effectively enhance the reverse thinking, deduce the ability of e-books.