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At present, puyi and chairman of this photo, seen very few people.Because of the existence of only this photo, when hanging in puyi house on the head of a bed.Preserved in the puyi home of this precious photo, 1966 by the “Red guards please go”, confusing to the missing.Now, more than half a century later, the photos have been miraculously recovered and published online.This old photo was taken during the Spring Festival in 1962.Today, 60 years later, 2022 is the Year of Yin Hu, a reincarnation of jia Zi.Photo behind the “chairman puyi please eat dinner” story, it is less known.Puyi eat Spring Festival Dinner, is not a rare thing.But Puyi this New Year’s dinner is invited by Chairman MAO, into zhongnanhai.And the two special people also took a unique photo together.It means a lot.The throne of Emperor Puyi, by Yuan Shikai deception “revolution”, no emperor when the status of the son of heaven.However, the son of heaven aura on the body is still in the depths of the memory of the people.”Jin province scholar Tian Qiuping brother, pen geng spring and autumn, the original Qing emperor Puyi post body with shi Li Guoxiong eighty-one title gift, 92 autumn in Beijing.”That year, in order to write and create “Heaven and Earth”, she lived in The pants Hutong outside Fuxing Gate in Beijing.Visited accompanied by Puyi side of Mr Li Guoxiong.He entered the palace at the age of ten, once as the emperor’s post with the body, served the last emperor Puyi 33 years.Li Kwok-hung, when he first entered the imperial court, learned to play in the Sheng Ping Department.Later selected into the emperor’s post with the body, Puyi royal gave his name “guo Xiong”.Palace work life days, to help Puyi cut plaits, saw the threshold, learn to ride a bicycle, travel Japan;Together with Puyi captured the Soviet Union chita labor camp, in the transformation of the war criminals in Fushun and so on, these things, have Li Guoxiong in Puyi side companion.He is puyi’s “post with the body”.For several days, Li Guoxiong and I from Taihang Mountain gathered in Beijing and talked under the old vine tree of Li’s old house in pants Hutong outside fuxing Gate.Two small wine, a bowl of stir-fried liver in Beijing, the universe in the story, Mr. Li told the right way.In particular, the book “Puyi and ME”, which was given to me by Mr. Guo Xiong, opened the story of MAO Zedong and Puyi eating the Spring Festival Dinner.January 31, 1962, the lunar year of Yin tiger Spring Festival, puyi is a different kind of New Year.He’ll never forget it.The story from Chairman MAO Spring Festival, puyi invited to eat dinner.In 1962, the year of Yin hu, on the 30th day.Zhang Shizhao, Cheng Qian, Qiu Ao and Wang Jifan four people should be invited by Chairman MAO, has come to Chairman MAO’s residence in Zhongnanhai.Zhang Shizhao, a member of the CPPCC Standing Committee and curator of the Central Museum of Literature and History, was born in Changsha, Hunan province.Cheng Qian liling, Hunan province, served as the deputy chairman of the Central Democratic Revolution;Qiu Ao, hunan Xiangyin, Member of the CPPCC Standing Committee;Wang Jifan was a classmate of Yang Changji, MAO’s father-in-law.When everyone arrived, the president said to them, “Today I have a very important guest to entertain. Can you guess who he is?”The people present look at each other and shake their heads to say: “Chuai not way!”Looking at everyone shaking their heads in succession, the chairman said mysteriously, “This person used to be our direct boss!”Hearing this, the crowd became more puzzled.Shortly after, see a person by chairman secretary Tian Jiaying guidance, walked into the chairman’s house.It was none other than the last emperor, Puyi.Puyi into the house, the chairman stood up and stretched out his hand, while holding puyi’s hand, while facing the presence of you, humorously said: “This is Mr. Puyi.Emperor Xuantong of qing Dynasty, when he was emperor, we were all his subjects!It is also the immediate superior that I once said!”Puyi, as we all know, is the last emperor in Chinese history.He was born in Beijing in 1906, the great-grandson of Emperor Daoguang and the eldest son of regent Zaifeng. He was the Xuantong Emperor of the Manchu Dynasty, also known as the deposed Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. He reigned for three years, then worked as an official in Tianjin, and served as the puppet “Emperor” of the Puppet State of Manchukuo.After returning to China in 1950, pu yi was taken as prisoners of war being held in the management of the war criminals accept reform in fushun and learning, according to the law of the People’s Republic of China in 1959 after President liu shaoqi personally signed the amnesty, became an ordinary citizen of the republic, and have our own a job, working in institute of botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Life run-in, Puyi had put himself as ordinary people, so 1962 Puyi received the chairman to ask him to eat dinner in the Spring Festival after the news, feel flattered.Although puyi was carrying the identity of “the last emperor”, he always had the shadow of “war criminals being re-educated through labor” in his heart.When it was time for dinner, the chairman invited everyone into the Dining room.He took puyi’s hand and sat beside him.Clip a chopstick bitter melon fried eggs on puyi’s plate.”Try our Hunan food!”Table dining “five old”, in addition to Puyi, are chairman of hunan people.The chairman looked at Puyi finished eating dishes, and asked: “how the taste of food ah?”One side of puyi even said: “Delicious!Delicious!”Pu Yi’s wife Li Shuxian in the book “Pu Yi and ME” then recalled: chairman and Puyi while eating, while chatting, “you are not married?”The chairman asked.’Not yet!Pu Yi replied.The chairman added, “You can think about getting married again.””But your marriage must be considered carefully, not carelessly.Find the right one, because that’s the big thing for the rest of your life, to have a family.”Between the banquet, the chairman and Puyi, but also to talk about puyi his works “my first half of life”.The president said, “RECENTLY, I read your book The First Half of My Life, which contains many ups and downs.However, you have taken responsibility for many mistakes in your book. Should you consider making necessary corrections based on objective facts in the second edition of your book?Those mistakes can’t be made by a single person.It was decided by the social influence at that time, and was driven by irresistible external forces such as historical factors.Don’t be too stressed about these historical issues.”Puyi on the table, heard the chairman’s words, although this time slightly appear a little embarrassed, but still immediately said: “right!It was very thoughtful of the chairman.”During the meal, everyone chatted happily and the dishes were almost served.The topic is transferred to dinner, while eating while talking about things, chatting, Chairman MAO then said to Puyi: “No sweet without sweat, ah, before you when the emperor, royal dining room for you to do delicious dishes?I suppose it’s much better than the simple fare I have here?”Puyi listened, put down his chopsticks, and shook his head.With a smile, he said to everyone, “The food in the imperial kitchen is not good to eat, but wasteful. By contrast, the food at home is delicious.”Puyi a “own” discourse did not fall, the presence of Zhang Shizhao, Cheng Qian, Qiu Ao and Wang Jifan four people listened to, also feel very cordial.That year, Chairman MAO asked Puyi to have a meal, is to catch up with three years of difficult period just past, so this meal everything from simple, can be said to be a simple very common table dinner.On the table of braised pork, Beijing sauce pork silk is a big dish, other meat dishes almost invisible shadow, in addition to some lotus root, celery, pepper, bitter melon, black beans and other dishes, the staple food is rice and steamed bread, the only luxury is that a bottle of red wine.Puyi’s wife Li Shuxian in “Puyi and I” book also once recalled that: Puyi was invited to dinner by the chairman.At this time puyi had no emperor’s identity, is already an ordinary ordinary people.An ordinary people, can be hosted by the president into zhongnanhai, this honor is how many people dream of.Banquet, coupled with puyi he the “last emperor” appeared, the president is very concerned about his personal life, ask cold ask warm.Therefore puyi at this moment in the heart as sweet as honey.Mentality sweet, recognized, grateful heart interweaves under, today think, 1962 Ren Yinhu, Puyi in the New Year dinner table, said that sentence: “or their own food delicious”, is absolutely sincere.In the past, puyi when the emperor, in the imperial palace dining room of the food, the purpose is simple, is a “fill the stomach” process.And the chairman of the New Year’s meal is more to warm puyi’s heart, to solve the puyi “from the family” problem, to solve the puyi heart, more puyi completely opened the knot.Invited by the chairman, this Spring Festival dinner, is indeed puyi’s life, had eaten the most delicious meal.Pu Yi spent his happiest day at Chairman MAO’s home in Zhongnanhai.