The “Qinghe Action” in Taoyuan Town, Yongqiao district can make the river look new

2022-08-06 0 By

Recently, in order to promote the construction of ecological civilization, Taoyuan town in the nearest bridge district can carry out the “river chief system” in an in-depth way, establish the daily management and maintenance mechanism, insist on the normalization and institutionalization of the “qinghe action”, so that the river control work can go steadily and longly.In the implementation of specific work, Taoyuan town actively organized volunteers, area within the river, grain transport river and other river dry grass, floating objects, fallen trees and other obstacles blocking water and river slope cultivation comprehensive cleaning.Since this year, 18 kilometers of river has been cleaned up and 15 tons of garbage has been cleaned up.Taoyuan Town adheres to the “river chief system” as a lever, effectively combines the “Qinghe Action” with rural revitalization, patriotic health, and creation of sanitation, effectively maintains the healthy life of the river, and ensures the sustainable use of river functions.At the same time, the publicity and guidance for the prevention and control of non-point source pollution in agriculture and rural areas within the river basin will be strengthened, and the awareness of protection and participation of the people will be enhanced, so as to create a harmonious human-water environment with smooth rivers, clean water, green banks and beautiful scenery.(Shan Xingsheng Wang Fengjun)