Yupo Group successfully held the 2022 annual opening marketing conference

2022-08-06 0 By

(Zhu Jianfeng xu Dengke) on the sixth day of the first lunar month, Yupo group marketing company held on-site meeting and video conference in xiping marketing center, concentrating, go all out, with full spirit, hard work actively into the work, in order to achieve a new chapter of the New Year from a good step, a good bureau.The meeting was presided over by Zhang Jianfeng, general manager of marketing company.Zhang Jianfeng, general manager, first read out the document notice on the establishment of the target management group of the marketing company and the 9 core work of the marketing company in 2022, and made clear the responsibilities of each member of the management group, strengthened the network construction with the group responsibility system, and realized the target positioning of ten thousand pieces and one hundred thousand pieces per product.Liu Hongjun, deputy leader of the target management team of outlets and general manager of culture and Tourism Company, reported the construction of small outlets in each market and said that he would continue to do a good job in supervision and management services for the construction of the integrity system integrated with factories, businesses and consumers.Yu Huawei, deputy leader of the network target management team and Chief Financial Officer, made a speech on the 9 core work positioning of the marketing company and the sauce and aroma department he was responsible for:The person in charge of each department made a statement on the 9 core work of marketing, expressing recognition of the company’s development concept, cognitive development shortcomings, in the New Year with a high attitude to lead the market business manager to continue to promote the construction of basic network, improve the customer relationship network, create a new situation in the New Year!The chairman in his speech, first affirmed the achievements of marketing company’s 2021 annual he pointed out that in 2022 the overall core planning work shows that the determination and confidence for the development of the company, and encouraging everyone in the New Year, with shiny, just like dragons rising and drive around the group company “red led, in one hundred and slope” development direction,”Sauce meaning luxiang do excellent quality, heaven, Earth and strong brand “development goals, the implementation of” two to create a build “strategic plan, one hand to grasp the big business one hand to grasp the basic network, the implementation of the completion of the work arrangements, and strive to achieve the company’s leapfrog development.