Centennial Life Insurance has launched the excellent manager training program of “Pension Planner and Health Manager”

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With the accelerated arrival of the aging era, pension, health has become a problem that everyone must face.According to the 2021 Blue Book on Pension Risks for Middle Class in Large and Medium-sized Cities, more than 90 percent of people want to prepare for their old age earlier, but less than 30 percent have ideas and put them into practice.In the face of the increasingly prominent needs for the elderly and the widening gap in health security, the elderly planners and health managers have attracted more and more attention from the society.Centennial Life insurance adheres to the service concept of “customer as the center”, focusing on providing customers with the risk protection needs of the whole life cycle.In 2022, in order to help marketing staff become more professional and trustworthy “insurance entrepreneurs”, the professional training system of marketing staff will be upgraded again, and the hundred-year “double teacher” excellent manager training plan will be launched (namely, pension planners and health managers, hereinafter referred to as “double teacher”) to innovate the industry reform.A, double – one hundred customers save for a rainy day good helper double excellence manager training program in one hundred, is to provide customers with a package can be trusted products, services, and medical resources, and through life optimizing cultivation of insurance marketing staff, one hundred, one hundred life quality products and services to customers, help customers to make pension and health plans.Centennial life “double teacher” selection characteristics: the first is professional;Second is worthy of customer trust;The third is to have certain life experience, can understand the customer’s pension and health security needs, help customers to realize free pension accompanied, disease medical care supervised, become a good helper for customers.New certification: The century-new training system integrates well-known scholars and professors in many fields as lecturers on the basis of the original life insurance planners and financial planners in the certification course, and adds the certification of pension planners and health management teachers.Achieve comprehensive certification across health, pension and wealth management.New idea: a new consultant subverting the traditional sales model.A traditional consultant is someone who specialises in a particular area;The new consultants trained for a hundred years should understand all aspects of the design of the whole industry chain, and specialize in one or more of them.Taking the new consultant certified as a health manager as an example, the concept of customer service is “health knowledge is taught, disease diagnosis and treatment is managed, and medical loss is quickly compensated” professional, practical and efficient claim guarantee service closed loop.In the centennial claims service ecosystem, customers can enjoy worry-free claims services regardless of whether claims occur or any link in the claims process. Multiple core services can produce better experience.New mode: New training mode, through comprehensive resource integration of medical care, maintenance and service, lifelong learning training and guidance, from the basic to senior, to achieve steady and rapid growth, strive to create professional life insurance practitioners in the new era, to become the most trusted partner of customers.Two teachers for one hundred years — a new starting point for a better future.Together with Xingbao Pension Community, Bainian Asset Management Center and Aicube Health Management Company, Bainian Life Insurance has built three ecological circles of “Insurance +”.The product sales logic is upgraded, and the whole industrial chain service system is opened with customer needs as the core, providing customers with full-cycle services of “insurance, pension planning, health management and wealth management”.Comprehensive empowerment, focus on creating industry stars.In the hundred years, determined to become a double teacher you can choose different development route: elite growth route – let you into the high-end market, become the top salesman;Team development route – You can recruit like-minded partners, create brand team;Lecturer training route — let you feel the sense of achievement of students everywhere;Professional training route — let you get through the upstream and downstream of the insurance industry, become a professional and technical talent in many fields.Systematically cultivate and shape top talents in the industry.Centennial life cooperates with the Life Insurance Marketing Research Association of America (LIMRA) to develop a comprehensive insurance entrepreneur training system.The professional certification training system invites well-known scholars and professors in many fields to serve as lecturers.Practical course design, wonderful content, online and offline combination.From the beginning of the enterprise – enterprise wealth, professional, customized training will accompany you in one hundred years of growth, focus on shaping the industry top talent.Products and services, providing unique weapons.We serve the high net worth population through the jinyu life and Enjoy guardian products developed by Centennial Life Insurance.With the full life-cycle extension products and services of “Medical care and Health care” and “serious diseases and Green Pass”, we strengthen the depth and breadth of customer service, provide more extensive, comprehensive and market competitive insurance and financial products and services for the century-old Double Division, and meet the personalized needs of customers at different stages.Create wealth to pass on family, realize the dream of millions of income.With its simple and clear position setting, income mechanism based on labor and various welfare benefits, Centennial Life Insurance won the “Annual Management Innovation Award” in the 13th China Insurance Culture and Brand Innovation Forum.According to the growth roadmap of Centennial Life Insurance, we have the opportunity to challenge the dream of millions of years of income in 3 years.Don’t want to move forward, can’t reach a more beautiful distance;If you can’t let go of your comfort zone, you can’t get more experience.Once put limits on yourself, life may be overshadowed.Try to get out of your own small world, to open up the stage of life.To participate in the centennial Double teacher excellent manager training program, join the life insurance profession with valuable quality, industry characteristics and comprehensive system, Centennial Life insurance will create a new starting point for you to achieve a better life.Centennial life invites elites from all walks of life to join us for a better future!(Note: Centennial Life’s Excellent Manager Training Program of “Retirement Planner and Health Manager” aims to recruit agents)