A failure: multifunctional a failure line, big face sister personally show his operation, but in the classroom popular

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O failure in order to each test, can copy big face sister’s answer, directly humble to become a big face sister’s exclusive male slave, not only at the mercy of her, but also secretly manipulated, to copy homework to coerce, so that he became a multifunctional o failure, the whole open hang, let everyone cry.This not big face younger sister insipid say with a decline, I tell you, small decline is absolutely more useful than you imagine!Come on, open your mouth wide!Then let a decline open a big mouth, she is still behind pulling, but also let it hold on!Then put a decline mow down, one side still plausibly say, smelly shameless small decline!Did you copy my homework again?At this time a decline to suck a cool breath, still think big face younger sister is how to find?I didn’t notice that I had sucked the trash off the floor into my mouth.Big face younger sister still don’t let go of him at this time, continue to say, don’t think I don’t know!I don’t know what you’re doing?I wrote it all down in my little book!I’ll fix you later!I’m gonna kick your teeth in!A decline to listen to her so said, scared to have been suction cool gas, leng is to the ground of the garbage to suck a clean!Then he ran to the trash can and vomited crazily!And big face sister is introduced at the same time, said that this is a loser human vacuum cleaner, clean use, bio-energy, voice control!It’s a little painful at the moment.Is that the end of it?Obviously not!Big face younger sister still o failure, this will let him to put out his tongue, the failure first one leng, in the meantime, big face younger sister also not idle, began to twist his tongue, then trample, unexpectedly, it throws her dirty socks into his mouth, and even joined the washing powder, and then water, then loosen the failure o tongue, hold your mouth!Make his tongue spin at high speed and move the water!Then big face younger sister still say at the same time, wear two years of socks, wash still calculate clean!At this time a decline that call a tearless ah!I felt a little sorry for him.For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing